things to tell people when you have to wear a bandaid on your nose for 5 days

  • I saw the bolt of lightning coming, but I didn't jump out of the way quickly enough.bandaid
  • I was cooking a pot of delicious fudge, and when I leaned over the stove to check it, a boiling blob of molten chocolate struck me in the face.
  • The Aretha/Aaron rendition of the National Anthem was so horrifying that I stumbled blindly from the room and ran into the door.
  • It was time to feed my pet piranhas, but one of them was too hungry to wait.
  • I've just started the long process of following in Michael Jackson's glorious footsteps.

I have fair skin, and my nose has been sunburned plenty of times. Now, like my fathersad and my grandmother before me, I developed what is probably a precancerous spot, or possibly even a basal cell carcinoma. An extremely nice dermatologist took a biopsy by literally punching a tiny hole near the tip of my nose, and now I have two stitches. Depending on the biopsy result, I'll have to get one of various procedures that will almost surely leave a scar right in the middle of the most prominent part of my face. Why oh why didn't I listen to my mother and wear sunscreen?

6 responses to “things to tell people when you have to wear a bandaid on your nose for 5 days

  1. Why can’t you just admit that you have a giant ZIT that’s (WATCH OUT !) about to pop?

  2. I have to wear a bandaid on my nose, I also have to wear them on my chin and knees. Id love to make up an excuse but I cant because I got my nose busted by an angry girl friend. She had a bandaid on her nose and I made fun of it all week, eventually she busted my nose and went one step more and is making me wear tinkerbell bandaids on my skinned up nose chin and knees for two weeks. Would we call this punishment by extra embarassing bandaids?

    • just walk around proudly witht he bandaids on ur face just say its cause you think tinkerbell rocks and becuase ur just that awsome that you get to wear bandaids on ur face with disney fairies on them….it works for me and if you pretend like they dont bother you chances are that other people arent going to care….and thet will not make fun of you if they see it doesnt bother you….good luck and i aplogize for what that girl did to you…just dont make fun of people it really hurts….i would know….

  3. whay happend to her nose in the first place?

  4. OMG this has happened to me again!!!

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