yes, I do…

have "Animal Shelter" stamped on my forehead. I took Troy to the vet today, so she is now Officially Our Dog. The vet scanned her for a microchip (which I had never thought of), but she had none, so there's no way to return her to her original owners.

I have visions of children crying for their lost puppy. I can't help them, but I can make sure their puppy has a warm and happy home from now on.

The word from the vet is that Troy is about 9 months old, and that she's 100% Black Lab as opposed to a lab mix. This makes me happy—I like the idea of having a Black Lab. They're big, friendly, happy, smart dogs, and that pretty much sums up my list of ideal canine qualities. (From what I hear, they also will eat as much food as they're given. I know one Lab that resembles a black blimp tottering on four insufficient appendages: a case study in not allowing a dog free access to a full food bowl.)

Troy wagged her tail through five shots and a full-body exam, lay contendedly in the back seat of the car as I drove, and collapsed on the sofa with a happy sigh when we got home. Home—that's where she is, and where she'll stay.

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