not bad—for a girl

In Spaceballs, Mel Brooks' spoof of Star Wars, one scene finds the vain and arrogant Princess Vespa running for her life from enemy soldiers. As she approaches the safety of Lone Starr's flying Winnebago, a laser blast zips past her ear. She spins around, hand to her head, eyes flashing, and exclaims, "My hair! He shot my hair! Son of a bitch…" Seizing the nearest weapon, she proceeds to mow down the opposing forces with a ferocity that Barf (Lone Starr's sidekick) admits is "Not bad—for a girl."

This scene came instantly to mind today as I prowled the dark corridors of the laser-tag maze at Renaissance Fun Park, and the first laser shot hit me. "You've been hit!" a robotic voice said. And I was ticked.

I've never played laser tag before—only watched. But in honor of my son's 11th birthday, I took to the smoky arena, phaser in hand, using the alias Catwoman. I started out a little uncertain, sticking close to my daughter's side; but once I'd been hit by some stranger's laser shot, I was armed and dangerous. Aim, shoot, duck, run, spin, hide… I had a great time.

Hey, can we go again soon?

3 responses to “not bad—for a girl

  1. This seems TOTALLY out of character for you! – Tim

  2. It was out of character — totally, utterly out of character. 😀 Only for one of my kids would I have done it! But, once I broke character and entered the game, I had a great time. Keep in mind that I would never touch a real gun, and that I’m about as anti-violence as you can get. But… I’m intensely competitive — not athletically (my family neither participates in nor is very interested in athletics), but in terms of games and intellectual activities. Laser tag apparently kicked off my competitive drive without overloading my antiviolence circuits.
    Plus, I figure it’s good to do something out of character once in a while!

  3. I was just searching through and tracking down some blogs and came across your story in a search. Thanks for playing at one of our locations. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself even if it was out of character.

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