new at the zoo

So there we were at Polly’s Freeze in Georgetown, IN, last evening, following my Guilderoy Byrne performance in Corydon. As we stood in the twilight, waiting for our food and ice cream, a young girl and her family joined the line. The girl was holding a tiny black kitten. I, naturally, went over to say hello and pet the kitty; it turned out they had just rescued it off the nearby highway.

Nero 1

Did they plan to keep the kitten? I asked. The mom rolled her eyes and said that she didn’t think they could get it away from her daughter now. After petting the kitty some more, ascertaining that it was male, and noticing that it had three white toes, I returned to my family, wondering if maybe there were more kittens that might need to be rescued when we drove home.

Then, a little later, while we were eating our ice cream, the girl and her mom came up and asked if we would like to take the kitten — and the girl held him out to me. After some thought, the girl had decided that she wanted a dog, instead, and they remembered that I’d seemed distinctly interested. I tucked the kitty against me and looked guiltily at my husband, who responded to our children’s enthusiastic exclamations with his usual calm “It’s up to your mom.” (Later last night, he referred to me affectionately as “my wife the animal rescue league.”)

And so, we have a fourth cat: Nero (named for fictional detective Nero Wolfe). He appears to be about 6 weeks old; he’s all black except for several enchanting white accents: two white toes on one rear foot and one white toe on the other (just barely visible on his rear foot in the photo below), plus white fuzz on the underneath of his front paws; a faint white fringe on the very tip of his tail; and small scatters of white under each leg and on his tummy.

Nero 3 Last night, we tried to confine him to our bathroom, but he meowed insistently until we released him; he then proceeded to claw his way up the bedspread and sleep near my feet. Today he’s been wandering the house, meeting the other cats (who’ve made hissing fools of themselves) and the dogs (which caused him to do an extremely cute Halloween cat imitation, with arched back and tiny puffed tail). He has a vigorous purr and a loving disposition.

For some reason, friendly, homeless cats find me. As I’ve said before, I apparently have “Animal Shelter” stamped on my forehead. But you know what? That’s OK. 🙂

3 responses to “new at the zoo

  1. When I live in my own home again, I, too, will become Miss Animal Shelter. I can’t resist the “you want me” look in any kitten’s eyes, the “i love you” in any puppy’s. Enjoy Nero! 🙂

  2. Aww! That’s adorable.

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