it’s a burp, it’s a stain, it’s … Wee-Wee Man!


Now, why didn’t they have something like this when my son was a baby? It got so that as soon as we unfastened his dirty diaper, we immediately put a towel over the relevant area, because we knew that a fountain would be forthcoming.

Parent protectors including Wee-Wee Man, Whizz Kid, Captain Blast Off, and more are available from Sozo. The next time your progeny pees, be prepared!

4 responses to “it’s a burp, it’s a stain, it’s … Wee-Wee Man!

  1. Whiz Kid? Too funny!

  2. I’m afraid to ask what search terms you used to find these gems! HI-larious! 🙂

  3. That’s hilarious. Do they have one for girls too? My neice is notorious for the making fountains at diaper change time.

  4. I can’t find one for girls, although it would make sense to have both — I guess they’re focusing on protecting parents against getting squirted in the eye. However, it seems as though the Weeblock (yes, that’s really what they call it) could provide at least some protection for a girl, too; here’s a good description:

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