UUs & lightbulbs

How many Unitarian Universalists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

  • None. We accept the lightbulb the way it is.
  • None. We think the lightbulb should change by itself.
  • Three. One to change the bulb, and two make sure the power doesn’t go to her head.
  • None. UUs aren’t afraid of the dark!
  • Nine. Three to form the committee “For” change, three to form the committee “Against” change, two to abstain, and one secretary to record the meetings of both groups.
  • It’s about five or six, isn’t it? Whatever is a quorum for the church board meeting. Well, plus a couple members of the Building & Grounds Committee to actually get the ladder and bulb and DO it … and of course the chair and vice-chair of the committee to supervise. Oh, they can’t come Saturday? Well, how about Sunday just before the service? The choir’s rehearsing? Oh, God! No, I’m not praying — it’s just an expression. What do you mean, I use too many careless expressions? If I gave the kind of wacky pulpit editorials you do … no, I am NOT appointing myself Censor of the Liturgy. Liturgy? What’s a liturgy? …
  • Three. One to write a solemn statement that will affirm the following:
    1. This light bulb is natural, a part of the universe, and evolved over many years by small steps.
    2. There must be no discrimination against dark bulbs in any form, and means must be found for all “dark” bulbs to take their place alongside light bulbs on a basis of equality.
    3. We affirm the right of all bulbs to screw into the sockets of their choice regardless of the bulb’s illumination preference.
    4. UUs seek for each light bulb the fullest opportunity to develop itself to its full electrical potential.

    One to read this statement, even if s/he is the only human being to do so; the reader will then write the obligatory criticism and dissent. And one to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

One response to “UUs & lightbulbs

  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. People like you are cognizant of the fact that the changes that need to be made aren’t in having our rights taken away, but to have accessibility to preventing the need for one to have to take place.

    Anyhoo, I like this blog (will read previous posts). I like that you are a non conformist and think outside the box. We need more people to perform this basic function and maybe; just maybe we can rid ourselves of some of the BS in the world.

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