Java jive

Yo, yo, yo, weebles, I don’t like hip-hop, you hear what I’m sayin’? But now I’m down with the hella fresh rap from the fly guys at NerdCore Hip Hop.

Nerdcore 1 Nerdcore 3

Check it out from Wired:

There’s a new beat on the street and it’s called Nerdcore. This geeky hip hop subgenre, also dubbed CS rap (that’s computer science, yo!), is finally booting up with the release of Rhyme Torrents, a compilation featuring the work of more than 50 men – and even a few ladies – who bust rhymes (and C++ code). The collection is free online, so none of the artists make bank.

(Daunks to the insane crew at Urban Dictionary!)

One response to “Java jive

  1. This sounds too funny to be true, but with the current state of “music” these days, I don’t put anything past anyone!

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