what’s the world coming to?

Go here and here for information about a tremendously frightening documentary coming soon to a theater near you: Jesus Camp. It traces the camp experiences of children who are working to be “God’s army” as they pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and are indoctrinated as to why “science doesn’t prove anything.” Watching the trailer makes me fear for our country and our world.

The bright spot for me is that my childrens’ youth groups at our Unitarian Universalist church are overflowing with dozens of bright, liberal, humanist kids. We may be far fewer in number than the evangelical hordes, but I can only hope that young people like my daughter and son will grow into adults who can protect society from those who would make us all believe in their God and live by their code.

5 responses to “what’s the world coming to?

  1. Wow…”science doesn’t prove anything?” Even I didn’t catch that the first time around. That’s far worse than I originally thought.
    PS Your first link is a bit wonky.

  2. Hahaha.


    I was raised a fairly moderate Seventh Day Adventist in Bible camps and such. Things were never quite as scary as that movie was, it was definitely more about love for fellow humans, but it was just as end-times focused.

    I walked the walk and talked the flim-flam, and I stand before you, the world’s most secular humanist. The harder you push kids to accept something the harder their tumble out of it will be.

  3. gay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a strange response. I can’t tell if it’s a negative review of the film or a negative response to the other comments. In any case, I don’t like to delete comments unless they’re spam, so I’ve left it alone.

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