vegan cooking 101

On Sunday, my daughter turns 15. Tomorrow she’s bringing home five friends to hang out and spend the night. Of the five, two are vegetarian and one is vegan. We don’t eat much meat, but I do cook with a lot of butter, milk, and cheese; so although the vegetarian aspect isn’t difficult, it’s been a little tough for me to plan vegan-friendly foods. However, my daughter and I together have worked out the menu, and I think everyone will be happy.


The main thing, of course, was figuring out how to make a vegan birthday cake. My traditional birthday cake for everyone in our family is dark chocolate with fudge frosting; given that it includes chocolate, eggs, sour cream, and butter, it in no way qualifies as vegan. (It’s the last recipe on my recipe page.) Thank goodness for Google. I located a recipe for a delicious and moist vegan orange cake; when I tasted it, if I hadn’t known better, I’d have sworn it was full of butter and eggs. I’m going to make frosting with (ick) soy margarine and see how it tastes; if it’s just too far out there, I’ll make an orange glaze, instead. And in the ice cream aisle at the grocery I discovered exactly one dairy-free product: sorbet. I have a feeling that peach sorbet will be extremely yummy with orange cake.

I’ve got pretend ground beef (made of soy) to use for tacos, and pretend cheese (also soy — good to know I’m helping keep the soy farmers in business) to put on top of the tacos. Plus, just for the heck of it, I bought some Ener-G Egg Replacer. I know, it just sounds wrong, and it bears no resemblance physically, nutritionally, spiritually, or in any way to eggs. But I tried some in a spice cookie recipe (also using shortening instead of butter), and darned if it didn’t work just fine.

Continuing my Google search, I located an awesome recipe for vegan waffles or pancakes made with banana and oats. I plan to make the waffle variety … mmmmm. We’ll round out the visit with pasta salad for lunch.

On Sunday, we’ll have the Full Chocolate Cake Experience for the family, and we’ll return to our dairylicious dietary ways. But tomorrow we’ll give vegan a try, and it turns out to not be as huge an ordeal as I expected.

4 responses to “vegan cooking 101

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  2. You’re so sweet for doing that Tiff. Fortunately for me, the lil lady’s friends will eat the turkey burgers, turkey chili, and such that I prepare ( I only eat fins and feathers – smile) without complaint.

  3. All the food was a big hit at the party! I enjoyed all the vegan items except the vegan cheese. It’s just NASTY. They’ve come up with some pretty good alternatives to butter, but I’ve yet to try fake cheese, sour cream, or cream cheese that didn’t taste like plastic or worse!

  4. you are a wonderful mom — my daughter became a vegetarian at 12 – and a vegan at 19 – she is now 26 and I’ve learned a lot – and now cook about 99% vegan – I wouldn’t have believed I would make this change – but her reasons, and I researched it too – and it jus tmade sense… peace

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