golden sponge cake and cream filling

I was just reminded of a recent episode that proves Today’s Kids Just Don’t Understand What’s Good. Or something.

After going to the Kentucky State Fair and witnessing first-hand the deep frying deep-friedof Twinkies, I realized that my kids had never eaten a Twinkie, period.

I was at Kroger one day when the employees were selling hotdogs and drinks to benefit a sick coworker, and they happened to have Twinkies as a side item. As I paid for my hotdog/Twinkie combo, the man at the grill commented that this was one of the new, smaller Twinkies — apparently Hostess had decided that Twinkie shrinkage was in order. We agreed that it was a sad day for America when the Twinkies were shrinking.

twinkieI took the Twinkie home and split it in half. Neither of my children finished their portion. In their opinion, the Twinkie was bland, almost flavorless, and the cream filling was a grave disappointment.

It happens that the Kroger grill man pointed out that a person can make a pseudo-Twinkie at home by baking a sponge cake and filling it with vanilla cream. I’m going to have to give it a try. I do not, however, plan to deep-fry it.

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