olives in Dr. Pepper aspic, anyone?


If you’d like to add some tasty (or maybe not) humor to your day, I highly recommend visiting James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food.

Remember those little pamphlet-like cookbooks your mother or grandmother had around, which masqueraded as general-purpose sources of recipes but actually were shilling for a specific product? Lileks has read them all and has distilled the very essence of dreadful recipes into this website and book. Meat! Coffee! Knox gelatin! Carnation evaporated milk! Bananas! And, of course, Dr. Pepper! Horrible recipes, illustrated in living color, with extremely funny commentary.

If you enjoy Lileks’ regrettable foods, then take a look at his Institute of Official Cheer, featuring such gems as the 1977 Fredericks of Hollywood catalog and The Story of Bread. This site makes my day.

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