zip it good

We have two sinks in our master bathroom. My husband’s sink drains free and clear. My sink drain gradually gets slower and slower until water percolates down rather than flowing. Why? Because in addition to my using the sink, both of my children often come into our bathroom in the morning and work on their hair. What with the 8 or 10 hair products my daughter and I use, plus my son trying new styles, and all of us washing stray hair off our hands, the drain doesn’t stand a chance. Then, this weekend, my son trimmed his own bangs and rinsed the hair away. The drain announced that its functionality was going on vacation.

I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial, but I know The Answer to clogged drains: a long, skinny, spiny piece of plastic called the Zip-It.

You stick the Zip-It down the drain and then pull it out, and all the little plastic barbs bring hair and any other gross gooky stuff up with them. You’ll go “Ewwwwww!” But it’s one of those things that’s so icky, it’s fascinating. And it works. Pull the hair off, stick the Zip-It back down the drain, and go fishing for more hair. This morning it took me about 30 seconds to completely clear my sink drain; I pulled out enough hair to build us a fifth cat.

A Zip-It will cost you all of about a dollar at a grocery or hardware store. It’s way more fun (and effective!) than Drano.

2 responses to “zip it good

  1. Thanks for the tip, Tiffany! I came across your blog from Goochman. 🙂

    My favorite line, “it’s one of those things that’s so icky, it’s fascinating” – that sums it up perfectly!

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