a dream come true

Saturday night I was onstage with Guilderoy Byrne, performing in front of 300+ attentive, appreciative people. My whole life, I’ve gone to concerts, big and small, and wished it was me up there. And now I am up there.

I remember that one day during college, when I was about 20, I suddenly had a vivid realization that I was a grown-up. On Saturday, up on the stage, I had a vivid realization that I now qualify as a professional musician. I’m playing with incredibly talented individuals and being heard by lots of people in a wide variety of venues. We’re even contemplating making a CD.

I can’t quite believe something I always wanted so much is really happening.

One response to “a dream come true

  1. Tiffany,
    Somehow, I missed this post from last fall. I didn’t realize that last year’s Celtic Christmas Concert with Guilderoy Byrne was your first time on stage. You looked so at ease up there, both last year and this, that one would never have guessed you were a newbie. Congratulations on having a dream come true!

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