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parental statement of the day this evening (Halloween)…

Our neighborhood is hilly and sparsely populated, with few opportunities for serious trick-or-treating. So, our son requested that we drive him to an alternate neighborhood offering easier walking and more households handing out candy. On the way, it was raining, and we were relieved when it stopped just as we arrived. The neighborhood was full of cars and excited, costumed children. Coming toward us down the sidewalk as we parked was a somewhat damp and frazzled-looking dad with two children, maybe ages 6 and 8. When I got out, he was saying to them…

OK. We can go trick-or-treating. Or, we can go to Target, and I’ll buy you each two bags of candy, and you can eat all of it.

Alas, we didn’t hear the outcome of the negotiation that surely followed.

t-shirt of the day found on, along with many, many extremely cool gifts and items for the geek or technology nut in your life.

As it happens, some of the items on the site also belong to the political realm (at least, they do to me). This shirt, for instance, applies beautifully to, oh, Karl Rove, for example; and Rush Limbaugh; and our “president”; and a wide swath of other folks who belong to extremist, ideological groups that try to imprint their personal beliefs, morality, politics, or whatever, on the rest of the population.

Come to think of it, from time to time this one could apply to us all.

French kissing and telling America, President Bill Clinton was impeached for having a form of sex with That Woman and then, naturally enough, in our puritanical culture, denying having done so. In France, the book Sexus Politicus declares

Far from being a flaw, to cast yourself in the role of seducer is without doubt an important quality in our political life.

A New York Times article about this new book says

The book’s central premise is that in France, a successful politician is also a seductive politician. Sex, the authors say, is a civic imperative.

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Scott Adams’ good news day here and read Scott Adams’ “Good News Day” blog entry from October 24, and then take the time to read at least a chunk of the literally thousands of comments that follow it. Do it now. You’ll be really glad you did; it will improve your day and your feelings about life in general.

Let me be clear: I am not a mushy-gooey, affirmation-loving, cute pictures of fuzzy puppies and little children with icky poetry, sort of person. But reading this made me really, really happy, and some of the comments caused me to get teary (which doesn’t happen often at all). Go. Read. Now.

overheard statement of the day

I was shopping for Halloween costume items with my kids at Caufield’s Novelty, a wonderful costume, prop, and makeup store. As we were checking out, a clerk at the next register called out loudly (presumably to someone taking care of stocking shelves):

No price on the bloody corpses!

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the perfect package (for the man who likes to show his off) the immortal words of Dave Barry, “I am not making this up.” Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Penis Pokey, now available at Wishing Fish (an extremely cool online store).

From the description on the site:

Penis Pokey is an illustrated board book with a large die-cut hole in its center. Every spread features a dazzling full-color illustration with one thing missing — a banana, perhaps, or a fire hose, or a sea serpent. Male readers can complete the illustrations using the talents God has given them.

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dans la mémoire d’un écureuil mort

I’m such a wimp.

My two large dogs were outside this morning, playing with a dead squirrel. (We have many, many trees, and a few times a year a squirrel dies from injuries sustained due to a fall from a significant height.) Clearly, they considered this real toy to be much more fun than the fake furry toys we provide indoors. As I approached, my black lab scooped up the limp corpse in her mouth and happily brought it over to show me.

I considered the options:

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