I happened upon this powerful quote today. As far as I’m concerned, it sums things up beautifully:

Here is the real lesson of the story of Jesus, the main myth of our Christian culture: oppose us and we will kill you, speak to us of love and we will nail you to a cross. We will deify your image and ignore your words. Within the span of three generations, your precious people wil be killing each other in your name.

Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words

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  1. That is a great quote. I haven’t read any Jensen. Frankly, some of my friends that have read him scare me. I don’t want to be that devoted to an author. I think a lot of what he says really hits the mark, however, like this quote. (This is from second-hand knowledge.)

  2. I haven’t read Jensen’s work. After reading this quote, I looked at his website and book descriptions, and he seems pretty … intense.

  3. It appears to me that Jensen is talking, not about Christ or even Christianity, but “Christian culture.” This is quite different, in my mind, to belief in Christ or his teachings. Jensen, by stating negatively that “We will…ignore your (Christ’s) words” even implies that the opposite would be preferable. I don’t know Jensen but it seems to me, albeit on the limited basis of this one quote, that he might just as well have a dig at any religious culture i.e. societies that define themselves by a particular religion. Almost invariably, the belief system itself becomes corrupted or ultra orthodox in order to apply simple belief systems to complex organic social life. Hence, many believers in Christ might be as depressed to find George W. Bush representing their beliefs as some Muslims might be to find theirs represented by the President of Iran.

  4. Excellent points. I think you’re right that Jensen wouldn’t have time for any religion, and would find the equally negative aspects in them. And I find the broad spectrum of beliefs, morals, and behaviors listed as “Christian” to be truly astounding. I wonder which subgroup comes closest to what Jesus had in mind?

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