Enough with the serious topics. It’s time for: Photographs of my beautiful, wonderful cats!

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.

—Jules Verne

MyraMyra, Queen of the House, holding down the newspaper (as usual). The only thing she likes better than lying on stuff on the table is kicking stuff off the table.

boys on the bed




The three boys on the bed, where they’re usually to be found. Archie (top), Nero (left), and Harry (right). They get along very well and spend a lot of time playing and chasing each other.



I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul.

—Jean Cocteau


Sleepy Harry.



Nero the kitten. (Next week he goes to the vet to get his naughty bits snipped.)







Another cat? Perhaps. For love there is also a season; its seeds must be resown. But a family cat is not replaceable like a wornout coat or a set of tires. Each new kitten becomes its own cat, and none is repeated. I am four cats old, measuring out my life in friends that have succeeded but not replaced one another.

—Irving Townsend

9 responses to “kitties

  1. Nice cats. Harry looks a bit like Freya who is also a grey tabby.

    I like having cats around. They make the place seem peaceful. All cats
    have different personalities and it’s fun getting to know them and their
    little quirks.

    Artemis was my first cat and she taught me that cats, contrary to
    negative publicity, are sociable… when they want to be. If a cat is
    affectionate with you, this is because she means it. Well, unless she
    can smell tuna.

    Artemis was a tortoiseshell and tetchy like her kind but she thought my
    lap was her exclusive property. She rarely spoke but understood several
    words and phrases in English and French and behaved appropriately when
    these were uttered. Artemis lived 20 years and 5 years on I still miss

    Freya is big, soft and cuddly and very affectionate. She talks a lot.
    She emits a funny little “eck, eck, eck” sound to me when I come in. I
    have never heard another cat say this. She also uses facial expressions
    to try to communicate and I think she is sometimes frustrated by the
    monkies’ inability to understand.

    If I couln’t be myself, I think I would choose to be a cat of some sort
    so that I could be as innocently selfish as they are. Cats think they
    are superior to all other life forms. I sometimes think they are too 🙂


  2. >>She emits a funny little “eck, eck, eck” sound to me when I come in. >>

    Does she also vibrate her tail? Myra makes the kind of “eck, eck” sounds, too, when she’s really happy to see us and wants attention. When she’s extremely happy, her tail is straight up, but it also vibrates — rapid shivery movements. I’ve never seen another cat do it. She’s also the only cat I’ve had who does her best to feed us (probably because I think she’s my only cat who’d had kittens before we got her) — she carries around cat toys and makes a very particular, insistent “come and get it!” meow. I love all my kitties, but Myra is my girl. 🙂

  3. The best way I can describe the sound is to say it is similar to the noise we make by vibrating the back of the throat when we imitate the baaa of a sheep. I think it’s a variation on the normal miaow. It’s accompanied by a wide-mouth expression. I haven’t noticed any movement of her tail when she does this but that may be because I didn’t think to look. I’ll look and see.

    Freya doesn’t try to feed me and doesn’t seem that keen on playing. We used to play “paper balls” which consisted of me tossing rolled up tea- bag envelopes for her to jump and dive for but she got fed up with that and now only plays occasionally. If we invent a new game for her, she either ignores it or plays for a few minutes, then never again.

    Freya did have kittens before she came to me but I don’t know much about her early history though the rescue organization reckoned she had been at least neglected and possibly ill treated. When she first joined us, she fled from us and hid all the time and at night ran around from window to window howling. We discovered she was using the corner behind the TV set instead of her litter tray. I was at my wits’ end and came close to thinking I could not keep her.

    Gradually she settled down, though for a long time she would react with fright to any sudden movement on my part. Nowadays she is so calm I have to step over her when she decides to sit just where I need to pass. The scaredy cat and the Freya of today are so unalike you would think they were different cats.


  4. My boys, Tigger (white with black tail and spots) and Bubbles (gray and white with long hair) are both precious… but they despise each other. Tigger is a very dignified one-year-old, who can’t be bothered by the more rambunctious and persistent six-month-old Bubbles. (Bubbles actually started out as Oliver Soot, but that name was much too formal for his goofy personality.)

    I’ve had many other kitties in my day, but my all-time fav was Boo! (like the ghost). He was very, very in touch with my emotions and was always nearby when I needed him. I used to get terrible headaches, and he would lie on the bed next to me with his paw on my neck throughout the headaches, which sometimes lasted for days. He’s been gone for five years now, and I still dream about and miss him.

  5. I’ve tried several toys with my cats but the universal, all-time favourite is a piece of string (the same piece for the last 4 years). The problem is I have to be on the end of it. Three of them will play with it for short periods, one will play all day and brings it to me to play at regular intervals to the point where I am having to consider employing a full-time string-puller if I am to get any work done. The one toy that bombed completely was a cushion filled with catnip which cost me a fortune.

  6. tomeemayeepa said: The one toy that bombed completely was a cushion filled with catnip which cost me a fortune.

    Cats are like kids: bring ’em an expensive toy and they will ignore it and play with the box 😉

    Freya will sometimes play with a ball of baking foil as this is light and she can pick it up. Tigger’s previous cat used to play for hours by himself in the (empty!) bath with a ping-pong ball.


  7. Myra loves catnip mice and will chase them all over the house. The others like mice but also any small fuzzy ball or object that can be batted and chased. A few months ago my husband removed the storage drawer at the bottom of our stove, to clean underneath, and pulled out 32 fuzzy items the cats had knocked underneath and then couldn’t retrieve! (My mother frequently brings new toys for the cats and dogs, so we have no shortage.) Archie likes to lurk outside laundry baskets and attack clothes that are either being folded and put in or being taken out to be put away; he also likes to be made into the bed (under the sheets). Nero flattens himself on the stairs and grabs our feet as we go up or down. Amazing how they each have their favorite games — and will play only when it suits them, not us!

  8. “Cats are like kids: bring ‘em an expensive toy and they will ignore it and play with the box” But not any old box. They love the boxes that come with my new computer equipment but the ones the local supermarket gave us were ignored.

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