overheard statement of the day

I was shopping for Halloween costume items with my kids at Caufield’s Novelty, a wonderful costume, prop, and makeup store. As we were checking out, a clerk at the next register called out loudly (presumably to someone taking care of stocking shelves):

No price on the bloody corpses!

https://i1.wp.com/www.caufields.com/productimages/Halloween/Images/60_8459.jpgWe laughed, and I commented to our clerk that a person doesn’t hear that particular statement every day. She agreed that they find themselves saying a lot of unusual things this time of year: “We need more severed arms,” for instance.

As for us, we didn’t buy any body parts, bloody or otherwise—just a relatively tame red vampire cape and some assorted pirate accessories. But it was great fun to be in a store crowded with Halloween shoppers, some buying multiple tombstones for a yard display, one taking home a nearly fullsize skeleton, others choosing gruesome masks, and little girls finding just the right princess dresses. It’s a strange but fun holiday, with its mix of the cute and the macabre.

One response to “overheard statement of the day

  1. Hilarious. I envisioned the folks from Monty Python when I read that for some reason, yelling it across a store in a thick British accent.

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