parental statement of the day this evening (Halloween)…

Our neighborhood is hilly and sparsely populated, with few opportunities for serious trick-or-treating. So, our son requested that we drive him to an alternate neighborhood offering easier walking and more households handing out candy. On the way, it was raining, and we were relieved when it stopped just as we arrived. The neighborhood was full of cars and excited, costumed children. Coming toward us down the sidewalk as we parked was a somewhat damp and frazzled-looking dad with two children, maybe ages 6 and 8. When I got out, he was saying to them…

OK. We can go trick-or-treating. Or, we can go to Target, and I’ll buy you each two bags of candy, and you can eat all of it.

Alas, we didn’t hear the outcome of the negotiation that surely followed.

5 responses to “parental statement of the day

  1. Halloween was quiet in my neighborhood this year. I’m not a big fan and tend not to participate anyway. I have noticed though, that it’s a good way to get candy cheap the days following Halloween. LOL!

  2. Hallowe’en is increasingly “celebrated” here despite not being a British festivity. The idea derives from American TV shows that are broadcast here and commercial greed does the rest: in autumn the shops are now full of the sort of rubbish that is supposed to be appropriate to the event.

    There is a lot of concern that parents let young children go off on their own to knock on strangers’ doors. “Treats” have been found containing broken glass and razor blades. There have been reports of unpleasantnesses perpetrated by youngsters frustrated by what they consider an insufficiently welcoming attitude on the part of householders whose doors they assault.

    We are lucky that we live in a run-down building whose door bells ceased to function years ago. Anyone ringing the bell or banging on the door is in for a long wait. We fear neither carol singers nor beastly infants dressed as witches demanding sweets.

    America has exported some good things, I grant you (give me a while and I’m sure I’ll think of something) but Hallowe’en isn’t one of them.

  3. If only I had been offered that deal as a child.

  4. Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday… no dysfunctional family crud to deal with, plus lots of permission to act like a kid. Born-again parents who nay-say Halloween, preferring instead to celebrate “Harvest,” get on my last nerve. What would Jesus do, in my opinion? He’d hand out candy to the adorable kids because it’s a nice and fun thing to do. Halloween rocks!

  5. I’m with you, Laura — I LOVE Halloween. All the sweet kids in their costumes, all the friendly people — it’s the kind of happy, sharing, community event that just doesn’t happen much anymore. I realize that it isn’t happy and friendly everywhere, but in the neighborhood we went to, the atmosphere was wonderful. I enjoyed walking with my son and came home in a wonderful mood, feeling good about life. 🙂

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