VOTE! (Democrat!)

I’m nervous about today, because I’ve allowed myself to hope that this election will result in a Democratic majority in the House and maybe, just maybe, the Senate. That the voters will demonstrate to our “president” their disapproval of his war, his my-way-or-the-highway style of governing, and his disregard for the rights and general welfare of the American people. That for the first time in two years, I’ll get to feel as though I’m being represented by my elected representatives.I’ve been a poll junkie for the last week, keeping an eye on every tiny up and down in the numbers. As of this morning, RealClearPolitics, one of my favorite political sites, predicts the Democrats picking up 6 Senate seats (enough!) and lots of House seats (more than enough!). I’ll be listening to the radio all day and watching the returns on TV tonight.

We’ve done what we can. We’ve had gatherings in our home and participated in countless online petitions and drives; and my husband has made phone calls, has spent the better part of two days walking door to door, and today is working as a poll watcher for 12 hours.

Here’s hoping Democrats vote in record numbers and that we make the change America needs so desperately.

4 responses to “VOTE! (Democrat!)

  1. Well, as a registered Republican…

    I hope voters turn out in huge numbers and vote for people that they honestly believe are the right candidates, instead of blindly voting for one party or the other. Sadly, there are bozos on both sides of the aisle, and if I had my way, “straight party voting” would be abolished in every state where it’s available. To me, it’s an invitation to turn your brain off.



  2. Actually, I’m not voting a straight party locally; there are a couple of Republicans in my community who do a great job and who will get my support. However, on the state and national level, I’ll be voting all Democrat — and they’re the people who, in this case, I believe are the right candidates. I agree completely that people should think about each and every vote they place. In this case, when the Republicans (and, by the way, I’m sure it isn’t all that difficult to change your registration) in power have royally screwed up in all the ways they have, it’s clear to me and lots of other people that they are NOT the right candidates, and that it’s time to let the Democratic party have a turn. Personally, I wish we had some viable other parties, so we aren’t always limited (realistically speaking) to two candidates for president and other major positions. But we have to work with the system we have; and given our system, on this particular day, Democratic is the way to go.

  3. I have heard many thoughtful people support the idea of voting for individual candidates, not for parties, but I think there is little hope (in Britain, at least) of this ever becoming a general trend. People are too confused by politics and too lazy to keep up with individuals’ performances to feel confident in making that sort of detailed judgement.

    Also, though you may vote for the individual in your conmstituency, what you get at national level is a government along party lines. For that reason, it makes sense to vote fo a party, rather than “waste” your vote by casting it for an individual who, if he’s not a member of the party in power, is marginalized anyway.

    In Britain, we have many political parties but since WWII at least, power has alternated between just two parties, Labour and the Conservatives. Those pressing for voting reform hope that it would change this deadly embrace but our politicians, while paying lip service to the idea, don’t seem very anxious to implement it. They would rather stick to the first-past-the-post system and try to rejig the voting boundaries to improve their chances of staying in power.

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