803 days and counting

https://i0.wp.com/scriptorium.lib.duke.edu/americavotes/democratic-home-small.gifI’m fortunate enough to live in a nexus of Democratic resurgence, where two close races helped the Democrats to victory in the House of Representatives. Last night around 9:30 I let out a whoop that startled my kids, when incumbent Rep. Anne Northup (R, KY) conceded defeat across the river in Louisville. By 10:00 it was apparent that Rep. Mike Sodrel (R, IN) was also going down by a narrow margin to once and future Rep. Baron Hill. When I went upstairs to say goodnight to my daughter, I was so excited that I was literally dancing around her room. I finally went to bed around midnight, once the House was secure, having come to terms with not having regained the Senate. But this morning, with more votes counted, it looks like we may win there, too.

“President” Bush is speaking at 1:00, and for once I may force myself to listen to his voice just to hear how he sounds now that he, Cheney, and Rove have been proven wrong about the election. I don’t think he knows how to do humble, and I’m sure he’ll never admit that the people have sent a clear message about Iraq, but I want to hear him admit that he lost.

As for him, we have only 803 days left. After the polls closed last night, my husband, daughter, and I had exellent pizza with others who had worked for the local Democratic party, and we all agreed that surely the next president can only be an improvement, whichever party wins.


Also, in an interesting mini-focus-group moment of the sort the national Democratic party should pay attention to, all 6 women at the table (ranging in age from teens to 50s) agreed that Hillary Clinton cannot win in 2008, and that we’re all passionately in favor of a Barack Obama candidacy.

Fortunately, we have a few months (I hope!) before the next wave of political advertising begins. Meanwhile, am I happy today? You’d better believe it!

7 responses to “803 days and counting

  1. I take the power of my vote seriously as well as the candidates I’m voting for. I’m in favor of a new and DEMOCRATIC president. Hilary has always intrigued me as does Barack; I feel I can refer to them on a first name basis, as my interst in them is personal. I do hope other will recognize the wealth of their combined abilities and vote accordingly. It’s not a matter of gender of race…it’s a matter of making a sound choice.

  2. If I may interject a sober note, it is not winning an election that matters but what you do with that success. I hope with all my heart that the Democrat win means a new and happy departure for your country (and the rest of us) but judging from past and present history, I am not optimistic.

    We felt the same euphoria when Blair took over from the discredited and demoralized Tory Party and look where it got us…

    Don’t forget that the people who elected the Democrats today elected the Republicans yesterday and may well do so again tomorrow.

  3. I agree that the important thing is for the Democrats to govern effectively, now that they have the House and will almost certainly have the Senate, as well. It’s getting more and more difficult for the two parties to work together, as they become increasingly polarized. However, many of the Democrats elected this week are significantly moderate, and I’m hopeful that they’ll find some common working ground with the Republicans. I do think that our two-party system, the fact that getting elected requires millions of dollars, the horribly nasty ad campaigns, and so on — in fact, our entire election process — could use an overhaul. I don’t believe it will happen, so I continue to hold out hope that each new crop of elected officials may be more effective and more honest than the last.

  4. Obama in ’08 would be a Godsend.

    I have this strange feeling of hope in my body today 🙂 been SO long since I’ve felt that.

    SO long.

  5. I think that this election was THE greatest glimmer of hope. I can only question if, perhaps, the extinction of the Writ of Habeas Corpus was the final straw.

    I was also greeted, this morning, with a beautiful headline that the South Dakotans voted NO on the abortion ban! Perhaps there is going to be a major turn around in this country, for once.

  6. It’s interesting, as there was a clearly discernible sense of “maybe my vote does count” ringing around the nation, after a long wave of pessimism about voting and ultra-low voter turnouts. I suppose it’s depressing that I am excited that the New England states were averaging around 60% voter-turnout.

    Then again, this may be similar to the situation the US faces in education, where we are unwilling to build an educational system geared toward the best and brightest, because we feel have a legal obligation to educate ALL children, regardless of academic ability.

    Perhaps our insistence on “everyone gets a vote” is just as naive as “every child should be provided with a state-sponsored education.” Right or wrong (and I think it’s more right than wrong), it’s the kind of thing that leads to least-common-denominator candidates and teaching strategies, where everything must accommodate mediocrity. Where is the Electoral College parallel for our educational system? – Tim

  7. Obama would absolutely be a godsend. I truly think he could draw together both parties in a way that would hugely benefit the country. If only Hillary would realize that, too…

    S, I’m with you on relief about South Dakota. Thank goodness enough sensible people live there to stop them from turning into a police state for women’s bodies. I was also happy to hear that one state (can’t recall which right now) turned down a referendum on banning gay marriage and/or civil unions.

    Ah, Tim, the educational system. You (husband of a teacher) know that topic is bound to get me (wife and child of teachers) started. I’ll hit it with another entry soon!

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