sign of the day, oh where, was my camera when I wanted it? Today we were in a blue-collar area of Louisville that has a somewhat higher percentage of adult entertainment establishments than most. The entire family was headed to a church to hear the chorus of senior citizens that my mother sings with. As we drove past houses, stores, and restaurants, we approached a strip joint gentleman’s club with the following posted in large letters on its sign:

Limited engagement!
World’s Tiniest Stripper!
3′-7″ Tiny Tina!

Needless to say, this led to laughter and curiosity in our car. Although I didn’t get into a discussion with my kids, I wonder what may have led Tina to this line of work, and why, exactly, seeing a little person doff her duds might be a special draw for the beer drinking, lap-dance-enjoying set.

I have a vision in my head of a short but remarkably, um, top-heavy young woman, her physique overwhelmed and all but threatening to topple over from her cantilevered proportions as she struts the stage. And I wonder how such a small stripper could do a pole dance. But maybe being the World’s Tiniest Stripper is sufficient attraction to get guys in the door, and beyond that the, um, fine points don’t matter…

13 responses to “sign of the day

  1. Tiny Tina shakes her mini-moneymaker
    By Benjamin Leatherman
    Good things come in small packages, like midget stripper Tiny Tina. Although this teensy teaser might top out at only a measly 3-foot-9, what she lacks in size she more than makes up in energy. Touring strip clubs across the country, Tina has dramatically doffed her duds for the delight of men who’ve come out for the surreal spectacle or because they harbor the dirty delusion that they can bag her (after all, pervs, she is just about the right height). Regardless of the reasons, Tina will surely pack ´em in aplenty as she bumps and grinds up and down the lounge’s runway during shows at 9 and 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., and she’ll also provide table dances for those eager to see her shake her minuscule moneymaker up close. Just remember, fellas: Your meager, half-assed tips won’t look any bigger to a midget, so be sure to hit the ATM.
    Date/Time: Sat., Oct. 14
    Price: $15

  2. Quirky item.
    I thought the patriot concert was good to attend.
    Tiny Tina – the things people pay to see.
    I struggle to believe it sometimes.

  3. I have personally met, talked to, and befriended Tiny Tina. After dealing with a lot of hardships in her life, she wanted to give dancing a try and see how she liked it. She gets booked ALL THE TIME and she is doing very well for herself. The girl is also a BIO major and is looking to become a Pediatrician. I’m proud of her!!

  4. Jamie, thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know more about Tiny Tina (when we saw the sign, I Googled her but couldn’t find any info). Quite a few women have put themselves through school via exotic dancing, and I’m glad it’s working out for her. 🙂

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