“do I look like I give a damn?”

My computer threatened to eat itself today. I spent the morning frantically copying files onto a whole necklace worth of flash drives, trying to save all the work and email info that I should (but don’t) back up regularly. Now, thanks to a loan from a friend, I’ve copied all our vital files onto an external hard drive, and we’re probably going PC shopping tomorrow.

I’ve run most of the day on adrenaline. I’m tired. But I don’t care. In fact, I’m ending the day happy. Why, you ask? Simple:


Bond. James Bond. As portrayed — perfectly — by Daniel Craig. We went to an early matinee, and the movie is incredible. It’s so far and away beyond any previous Bond (and keep in mind that I thought no one could follow Pierce Brosnan) that this film is in an entirely different class.

You should go see it immediately. I’m going to go again as soon as I have a chance. Action, romance, intrigue, high-stakes poker, gorgeous locations, incredible chase sequences, and — oh, yes:


When asked if he wants his martini shaken or stirred, this Bond answers, “Do I look like I give a damn?” When questioned about Craig as Bond, many of the faithful shrieked about his blond hair and other perceived faults. Do I sound like I give a damn? They need to see this film and then apologize for all the fuss they made. The Bond franchise has finally produced a movie that’s faithful to the tone of Ian Fleming’s books: Gritty. Real. Sexy. Painful. Exhilarating.

Bye-bye, Pierce. Daniel Craig is James Bond.


9 responses to ““do I look like I give a damn?”

  1. Well, hot-damn! Gotta see this film. I read every Bond book as a young teenager and, of course, saw all the films. In fact, Ian Fleming taught me how to play cards. The books are great.

  2. Really cool film! One that held my attention the etire time. I didn’t even glance at my watch. Really!

  3. I’ll see the film because I’ve seen them ALL and it wouldn’t be cool to not see this one. Personally, Daniel does jack squat for me on the visual scale. His looks are very unappealing to me, so my attention will be solely focused on the plot and course of action.

    Pierce and Sean will ALWAYS hold special places in my heart. Roger a little; Timothy not at all. But I’m just a die hard Ian Flemming/James Bond fan and ultimately that’s was counts I guess.

  4. What did you end up getting? Apple? Dell? HP?

  5. Ben, I love it — everyone else talks about Craig/Bond, and you ask about the computer! 😀 We got an eMachine T5212: http://www.emachines.com/products/products.html?prod=T5212. It’s a stand-alone brand owned by Gateway. We didn’t need a monitor, so the price was great for a MUCH faster PC with a MUCH larger hard drive, etc. Making the switch is a pain, but it’s a good thing we got it when we did because the old PC went completely belly up. Thank goodness it gave us some warning!

  6. It’s been on my mind…can’t you tell??
    Haven’t seen the Bond film yet, but I hear very good things across the board. Perhaps I’ll contribute more pertinent discussion shortly.

  7. Finally saw it last night. That was by far the best line.

  8. This film could possibly be THE BEST Bond Film Ever. Except for Die Another Day.

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