words of the day

anxious. stressed. overworked. overvolunteered. scattered.


10 responses to “words of the day

  1. Interesting words to pick on “Pearl Harbor Day”. I am sure that these words were all very appropriate the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. I hope they do not apply to how you are feeling today!

  2. I hadn’t even thought about it being Pearl Harbor Day. Unfortunately, these words are entirely about me.

  3. Although I just looked out the window at the beautiful snow, and that helped.

  4. Good to hear that you found a moment of pleasure in the view “of the beautiful snow”.
    May that be a start of finding many beautiful things in your day, if you are having trouble finding something else beautiful to reflect on just pick up a mirror.

  5. center



  6. Calm the storm within
    Focus on breathing – in – out
    Clears the mind of chaff

  7. my sweet Tiffany were you talking about me when you posted this????

  8. Blu, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rocky December, too! Fortunately my primary sources of stress have now passed, so I’m feeling a whole lot better. I hope that you’ll also be able to get beyond the anxiety and weariness and find the joy in the holiday season.

  9. tiff…there has been minimal change in my “condition” and i honestly dont see much room for change in sight. i do have a spa gift certificate that i’m anxious (see, there’s that word again…lol) to use in order to alleviate these words.

  10. My “good” stress of buying my own home and taking on new jobs that I love has felt like bad stress nonetheless. Today, I finally just prayed that I would let go of it all so I could actually get some work done. I feel soooo much better! I hope that the words of Thad and Doug are equally soothing for you!

    BTW: You put on a great party, Miss Tiffany! And you do it so seamlessly. I’m so glad it’s over for your sake. Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season. 🙂

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