asses of evil

A couple of days ago, Tim told me about a bumper sticker he’d seen. It featured the faces of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, and with them, the words “Asses of Evil.” I’m delighted to say that I’ve found the source of the sticker and that mine is now on order.
The site also sells a variety of other fun products that are less than complimentary toward the current administration. My favorite is this shirt:

As it happens, my car — or, as I sometimes refer to it, the liberal-mobile — is, um, liberally decorated with stickers that make my political and social opinions unmistakable. About a month ago we traded our 2003 Saturn Vue for the 2007 model, and all my stickers went with it. But, thanks to, a new batch was soon on the way. Herewith, my current stickers, which appear not on the bumpers but on the back and side windows:

My rolling billboard gets interesting reactions from other drivers — some positive, some definitely not. One idiot in a truck shouted obscenities at me while my kids were in the car. When we got the new Vue, people at church asked whether I was going to get stickers for it. Our UPS delivery guy once saved himself a trip to our neighborhood by recognizing my stickered car in a parking lot and delivering a package to me then and there. Twice, people have left notes on the car, telling me that they like my messages.

It’s fun to know that whenever I drive, I’m making people think.

5 responses to “asses of evil

  1. This is the beauty of living in America! Free speech!

  2. great stickers. and i think its cute that people recognize you by them

  3. I ordered “Do you feel safer?” and “Asses of evil” buttons for my mom and her friend for (late) Christmas gifts. I’m sure they’ll be a hit. 🙂

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