aprons, football, and birthday cake

One of the definite benefits of loving to cook and always having a houseful of ingredients is that when my daughter’s best friend comes to visit, and I find out that tomorrow is her 16th birthday, I can immediately bake her a from-scratch chocolate cake with fudge frosting. (The cake recipe is here. The fudge frosting is just what it sounds like: chocolate fudge, poured between the layers and over the cake before it has a chance to set. Mmmm.) My son helped me decorate the cake with the friend’s name and “Happy Birthday” candles; then we carried the cake next door to my mom’s house and ate it while it was still warm (mmmmmm!).

Not the actual cake, but candles like the ones we used.

Naturally, while making the cake I ended up with an assortment of spots on my shirt, because I never wear any of the numerous aprons that hang on a hook in my kitchen. I may need to change that habit, because for Christmas I received two extremely cool aprons as gifts: https://i2.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/30/343546612_d17cd5bf8e_m.jpg


Who can skip the apron with these to choose from? My clothing will be eternally grateful for the protection.

You may have noticed that I’m wearing a Louisville shirt in the photos. Both my parents have degrees from UofL, and the school’s high-quality basketball and football programs consume a lot of space in the local newspaper, so we’re fans by default. However, in our case I need to qualify the word “fans”: It means that we occasionally know if they’re playing, and we sometimes know if they won the latest game. However, at this very moment UofL is playing in the Fedex Orange Bowl, which is a certified Big Deal, so of course attention must be paid. Thus we went next door and ate chocolate cake in front of the TV, next to the fireplace, with the football game on — an exceedingly rare event.

https://i1.wp.com/www.mastersgames.com/images/indoor/double-twelve-dominoes-mexican-train-s.jpgWe played Mexican Train Dominoes (a fun game that I recommend highly) throughout the first half, but we did keep track of the score. Then it was getting late, so we came home; now I’m writing, and the others are in and out of the room with the TV, but we’re rooting for UofL in our own way by, again, keeping track of their increasing lead.

Tomorrow is my family’s last day of vacation. Today has been typical of this very laid back, enjoyable time off: sleeping late, eating cake, reading, playing dominoes, staying up late. A person could get used to living this way… 🙂

6 responses to “aprons, football, and birthday cake

  1. Nice apr0ns!

    The cake sounds very yummy, thanks for the recipie.

  2. That cake recipe has been my family’s birthday dessert of choice for years. It’s extremely moist and very chocolatey. Enjoy!

  3. It’s good to know that, regardless of our differences over trivial matters such as religion, politics, or capital punishment, at least we agree on important things… food, and football! 😀 – Tim

  4. And don’t forget convertibles! 😀

  5. Tiffany,
    Mexican Train is a blast, as is Rumikub. I recommend it highly. For $10 at Target, you can own it too!

    Sorry, Tim, but you can’t be color blind and play either of these games. 😦 –Laura

  6. Laura, we also have Rumikub, but we tend to forget to play it — I’ll have to get it out again. We just learned the dominoes game the other day, and we’ve been playing a lot ever since. The color-blindness thing hadn’t occurred to me, but you’re right — Rumikub would be impossible, and dominoes would be difficult (we have a set of double 15s, and some of the colors are so close that it’s hard to tell them apart even without color blindness!).

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