ready or not… little while ago I took my 15-year-old daughter for her first driving experience, in a nearby school parking lot. She was nervous but excited, and she did very well; she adjusted quickly to the feel of the accelerator, and she’s well on her way to getting used to the pressure required on the brake and the degree to which she must turn the wheel at a corner. She’ll start taking Driver’s Ed in a month or so, and by that time I want her to be fully comfortable within the confines of a car so she can concentrate on the larger lessons required to become a good driver.

She’s ready. I’m almost ready. Her dad is not ready — but he’s got another 9 months of adjustment time before she can get her license!

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  1. This can be a time of excitment and concern for all involved. I am sure your daughter will do great and Dad will make the adjustments that he needs to make. Just keep thinking of the freedom of not having to drive her everywhere. That is the best part!

  2. i’m in the process of teaching my 14 y/o to drive my manual transmission SUV. it’s gonna be a challenge and fun at the same time. she can already drive an automatic and i want her to be able to drive both. the things parents put themselves through…lol!

  3. Tobeme, not having to do as much driving will be great. However, I’ll miss the conversations that we have in the car; I’ll need to find another way to make mother-daughter talk time.

    Blu, I’m not ready to try to teach her how to drive a manual transmission quite yet! 😀 I suppose she should learn at some point, so she can deal with any vehicle if an emergency or other situation called for it. Guess I’d better brush up on my own clutch skills…

  4. WOW What an exciting time for the entire family! I will be heading down that “Teaching my teen to drive” road again soon. One down and 2 to go….LOL



  5. Oh dear.

    I got a ticket while learning to drive. It’s been downhill since then….

    Adam and Eve will never require that sort of independence

    *says the housewife with her head in the sand and her ass high in the air*

  6. Housewife, it’s hard to know that the time is coming soon when we’ll have to let go. The other evening we were discussing my daughter’s class schedules for the last two years of high school. But it seems as though she was just born… So difficult. And yet so satisfying, to see that we’ve added such an intelligent, sensible, lovely person to the world.

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