cat on the keys local public radio station just mentioned some nifty software called PawSense, which can tell when a cat is on your computer keyboard. The company’s website explains how it works:

PawSense analyzes keypress timings and combinations to distinguish cat typing from human typing. PawSense normally recognizes a cat on the keyboard within one or two pawsteps.

When a cat gets on the keys, the program plays a cat-irritating sound, turns off all keyboard input, and goes to screensaver mode.’m seriously considering ordering PawSense. My youngest cat, Nero, has become a regular keyboard demon34.2wqwqs <– See? Nero leaped onto the keyboard and did some typing, and no, I didn’t make that up just to illustrate my point. Now he’s sitting directly in from of the monitor, and I’m leaning to see around him while I write. Unlike my other cats, who make some sort of noise or otherwise alert me when they’re getting ready to jump onto my lap, desk, or keyboard, Nero approaches stealthily from behind, always aims directly for my hands on the keyboard, and makes his move before I even know he’s there. A couple of days ago he hit just the right combination and sent an email that I was in the middle of composing. There’s no telling what he’s writing when I’m not around…

6 responses to “cat on the keys

  1. My lovely Artemis used to go for a keyboard stroll from time to time. One day, I spilt some liquid on the keyboard and took it apart to dry it out. Under the top and overlaying the circuitry I found a beautiful mat of cat hair. I was able to lift it out in one piece.

    This hair had accumulated over some years of course.

    Email SilverTiger

  2. Awesome. When I first started med school, I was visiting my girlfriend in Michigan pretty often on the weekends. I’d come home and have about eight different IM conversations open with my friends who suspected I’d come home reeeeaaaally drunk. Always interesting to read those folks’attempts at talking to a cat.

  3. Very interesting. Sounds purrrfect for those who have cats!

  4. Aww! how cute is that? i love cats and their antics fascinate me. your Nero sounds adorable.

  5. I wonder how it would work for laptops. . . . . .

    My guys love to jump on the keyboard of my laptop.

    I’ve even seen them sleeping on it if i leave it open. I think its warm. . . . ..

  6. Tiger, I have a feeling that my keyboard is probably also underlaid with a mat of cat hair. It would be a lovely tweed of black, gray, and gold.

    Ben, it occurs to me that letting a cat handle IM conversations or answer email would be a great way to get rid of people you didn’t really want to talk to anyway…

    Joey, the cats would sleep on my husband’s laptop cover if it was closed or on the keyboard if it was open. Either way, the laptop was showing signs that the constant pressure of assorted 8- to 12-pound cats was a bit much. So, now he always leaves the cover at a 45-degree angle so they can’t lie on it either way. 🙂

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