movie page updated

I’ve finally updated my movies page with my personal take on the 11 movies I’ve watched since the end of October (I have a feeling I’m missing a few; maybe I’ll remember them later).

While putting together this list, I thought back to my television watching in general: Since October 31, I’ve watched a grand total of 1 hour of commercial TV (that doesn’t include the Orange Bowl; it was on, but I wasn’t really watching — just keeping track of the score). I’ve probably seen another 2-3 hours of public television.

Give me a good movie over a sitcom every time!

3 responses to “movie page updated

  1. you have some good movies on your list. i recommend The Usual Suspects. great acting and great plot. when The Departed comes to DVD, be sure to watch that too. I forewarn that the ending may confuse you, but overall, it’s still worth the watch

  2. The Usual Suspects is one of my favorites; I need to watched it again!

  3. Thanks for that update! I can now go fill my queue. I have to agree that some of the best movies are ones blockbuster shoots at me from nowhere.

    And, MI 3….by far the best of the series. I knew it would be good when JJ Abrams was involved. It even felt a little Alias-like when I watched it.

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