Just did something I’ve never done before: deleted a post. I wrote it early this morning when I was 1) really, really tired and 2) cranky from being tired and 3) even more cranky because I knew I’d have no chance for any sleep for a long time and I had to drive home from rural Kentucky. When I reread it, I didn’t want to have written it; so it’s gone.

I’m still really, really tired. But now I’m home, and there’s a fire in the new fireplace, and life is good.

3 responses to “undo

  1. Glad to hear that you home and safe. Hopefully you are now catching up on your sleep.

  2. Nothing wrong with deleting posts. To change one’s mind when circumstances require it is a sign of maturity and intelligence.

    I just wish it were as easy to delete one’s infelicities of speech 😉

    Email SilverTiger

  3. I’ve done this too – somethings just don’t feel right.

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