to listen or not?’m currently debating whether to listen to the State of the Union address tonight. As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t bear the sound of W’s voice. Particularly when combined with his smirks and odd gestures, his words just about send me over the edge. So, given that I’ll disagree with probably 99.782% of what he says tonight, and that the cumulative effect of being subjected to watching and listening to him for that length of time will be akin to having my skin flayed by tiny, laughing imps wielding red-hot irons, I may skip it and read the analyses.

Along those lines, I’ve greatly enjoyed a new piece on Capitol Hill Blue Today, entitled “Bush Faces Open Revolt Over Failed Iraq Policies.” Here are some of my favorite bits:

… With opinion polls showing Bush’s approval rating at the lowest point for an American president since Richard M. Nixon resigned in disgrace in 1974, Bush faces a serious crisis of confidence from all fronts.
White House sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that the President is visibly angered by increasing Republican opposition to his Iraq war policies and that the West Wing operates today under a “siege mentality.” …
“The ship of state is sinking and the lifeboats are full,” says one senior staff member.
… “How much louder — and how much clearer — does the opposition to his plan need to be before the president will begin to listen and respond to the voices of the American people, the generals and a bipartisan majority of Congress?” Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said a day before Bush was scheduled to give his annual State of the Union address. …

When we went into Iraq, years ago, I told everyone who would listen that it would turn into another Vietnam. Maybe I should hang out my shingle as a political psychic (that would be so much more fun than being a pundit…).

Art above from Toothpaste for dinner

4 responses to “to listen or not?

  1. I agree, no reason to subject yourself to viewing the Prez tonight. I would wait and get the highlights (oxymoron in this case) afterwards. I am sure you will still get all stirred up, however maybe not as much as watching him live.

  2. Political psychic … cool! Do they get paid well?

    Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

  3. Well, I made it until about 9:53, when he said “nuculer” for the first time. I’ve now done enough talking back at the screen, expressing disbelief and using bad language in front of my kids, so I’m turning it off…

    >>Political psychic … cool! Do they get paid well? >>
    Gee, I hope so. People seem to be willing to believe in psychics, and they’ve been willing to believe GWB, so the combination should be highly profitable. Maybe I’ll set up a web site with a big PayPal button, and see what happens…

  4. Not long after you stopped watching, GW turned to the subject everyone was hoping he’d tackle – Oscar predictions…

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