track the words used in the State of the Union speech

The New York Times has a fascinating tool you can use to search the State of the Union speech for the number of times the president said any particular word. It gives you the number of times he said that word this year and in each of his previous SOTU speeches, and also compares the count to his use of assorted other words. And, it shows you exactly where the word appears in the speech, and will give you the text of the paragraph. Very nifty stuff.

For example, this year he mentioned terror and terrorists 22 times and Iraq 34 times. In contrast, he mentioned the economy 8 times and schools only 5 times. word-counter claims that he said “nuclear” 3 times last night. But we all know what he really said.

11 responses to “track the words used in the State of the Union speech

  1. Very cool. Will check that out and see what genious has to say.

  2. And yet he did not mention Samuel L Jackson once, missing real opportunity to bring the cuntry together…

  3. Damn, please excuse the entirely unintentional typo…

  4. >>please excuse the entirely unintentional typo>>
    😀 I thought maybe you were making a statement about the condition of the U.S. under GWB. Or maybe about his opinion of the citizenry (or perhaps Nancy Pelosi).

    Great video! I’m adding you to my blogroll and look forward to reading your back entries.

  5. Wait.

    I didn’t hear ANY of those words.

    It must have been because I was rolling my eyes so loudly the entire time.

    Hey Tiff! 😀

  6. Totally off topic…
    Remember I said I read something about too salty foods? I read it in Kraft’s Food & family magazine (free by going to Anyway if something is too salty don’t reach for a raw potato instead use a bit of sugar or maple syrup. Too sweet? Acidic items, such as lemon or vinegar, tend to cut down on both too-salty and too-sweet dishes, adding a dash of cayenne helps cut down the sugar. Too spicy? Add something with a little fat such as butter or something sweet such as peanut butter or honey... Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

  7. I don’t think the tool works. I tried it and it said Bush did not mention “new orleans” or “gulf coast” or “katrina” at all.

  8. Jo Ann, we had the same experience looking for references to 9/11. I swear he mentioned it 100 times when I listened, but now I can’t find all those references using this tool (or in the official transcript, for that matter). So, it is apparently far from perfect. Just like GWB. 😉

  9. Uh, I was actually being sarcastic. He actually didn’t mention the Gulf (at least the one bordering the United States).

  10. Oh — sarcasm! I’m sorry, but we don’t do that here in the U.S. of A. Wouldn’t be prudent. 😀

  11. Tiff: I lack the patience and certainly refuse to committ my already limited time listening to him butcher the English language and furthermore spread his lies and lack of knowledge globally.

    Thanks for the post though, I love your political tirades regarding the worlds biggest doofus!

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