if you need it, do you have Plan B?

https://i1.wp.com/www.albany.edu/cpsp/sites/p-q/p-q8.jpgWhat’s the most effective way to prevent abortion? Anyone, speak right up.

That’s right: Don’t have sex.

And, is it realistic to suppose that human beings, young and old, married and not, with or without reliable birth control available, will make sensible sexual decisions 100% of the time?

You, in the back: Yes, you’re correct. People have potentially pregnancy-causing sex all the time, despite knowing better. What’s up with that? Are they stupid?

No, just human, with human sex drives. Fortunately, if the condom breaks, or you’re forced into a sex act, or you’re just plain stupid in the heat of the moment, there’s an easy, efficient way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and thus prevent an abortion: Plan B.

It’s now available over the pharmacy counter. But it isn’t always available; some pharmacies are refusing to stock it. If you need it, can you get Plan B?

Following is an email I received today from NARAL, asking people to check with pharmacies about Plan B availability. In response, I just called my local Kroger and then reported my findings (yes, they sell Plan B; it currently isn’t in stock, but they could order some and have it by tomorrow, for $44.89). Got a second? Then please check with your pharmacy, too, and let NARAL know what you find out.

Some day you may have a nerve-harrowing morning after of your own. If that time comes, Plan B can help you avoid having to make an infinitely more harrowing decision later. Make sure it’s available for you and for everyone else.

It took three years, but now the “morning-after” pill known as Plan B® is available for over-the-counter sales. Pro-choice Americans celebrated the victory, and it’s time to move on, right?

Tashina and Brian of Springfield, Ohio, would tell you that you’re wrong. This month, the couple tried to buy Plan B® over the counter at the local Wal-Mart after a condom broke. Instead, they were laughed at and denied the medication by the pharmacist, who stated, “I believe in preserving life, and I do not believe in ending life, and life begins at conception.” Read the full story here.

Improving women’s access to Plan B® was the first step. Tashina and Brian’s experience makes it clear that there are still too many obstacles to accessing this important back-up birth control – from pharmacists who refuse to dispense the product to pharmacies that refuse to stock it. That’s why we need your help.

Today, we ask you to take a moment to call your local pharmacy and ask if it stocks Plan B®. Click here for a sample script you can use.

Once you find out whether or not your local pharmacy is stocking Plan B®, it’s essential that you tell us what you find out. The data that you and thousands of other activists collect will give us the information we need to work with leading pharmacy chains to guarantee that American women have access to a safe and effective means of preventing unintended pregnancy.

Tashina and Brian were lucky: they later visited a CVS and were given the medication. Unfortunately, a story like theirs doesn’t always have a happy ending.

It’s up to us to make sure that responsible women and men who need Plan B® to prevent an unintended pregnancy can get it. Please call your local pharmacy today, use our sample phone script, and tell us what you learn.

Thank you for helping to protect women’s health.

2 responses to “if you need it, do you have Plan B?

  1. Tiffany,
    Thanks for the update on “plan B”. This is a worthy effort, one which each of us can make an impact on.

  2. more research needs to be done and this option needs to remain supervised post use as there have been documented accounts of illness and even death as a result of the “morning after pill”.

    I support the use of such a product, but I remain cautious with any product that works in this fashion.

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