tattoo voodoo’m considering a third tattoo, maybe something along the lines of the one shown here, from LuckyFish Art (funky Celtic cats); or maybe something completely different. No telling yet. In any case, I’m going to set some sort of personal goal that I have to meet before I go get decorated any further, so we’ll see if it happens.

I’ve certainly seen some designs that I do not want permanently drawn on my body. For example, the following (from Ananova):

Tattoo volunteer to earn his bacon (and eggs)
A tattoo artist has found a volunteer for his next project – a picture of a full English breakfast on a shaved head. Blane Dickinson, 32, from Wales, will tattoo bacon, sausage, eggs, tomato, beans and toast on the head of Dayne Gilbey.

A knife and fork will be tattooed behind the 19-year-old’s ears, reports the Daily Post.

Mr Dickinson, from Penmaenmawr, Conwy, wants to take his model around UK tattoo competitions.

“It’s such a striking and recognisable dish,” he said, “I like to push the boundaries. I like to make people think.”

Mr Gilbey, who hopes to raise cash for Birmingham City Children’s Hospital, agreed to volunteer after reading about the stunt in a local newspaper.

Dayne, who lives in Coventry and already has four tattoos, said: “I suppose it might hurt a bit, but why not?

“It’s something different and perhaps I can raise some money for my favourite charity at the same time.”

Among other things, can we talk about the whole concept of eating baked beans with breakfast?

And then there’s Glenn Timmerman, who’s willing to “tattoo the name of a company or Web site in exchange for just one ticket to watch his beloved team at Super Bowl XLI”:

Timmermann says he thinks Sharpie or Miller Lite would be the best sponsors, but there are very few limitations, he admits, even hesitating to turn down pornography Web sites.

“I just want to go to the Super Bowl,” Timmermann said, making sure to stress that point above all else.

Timmermann said he’ll proudly display the new tattoo, even promising to walk around shirtless in the warm Miami climate.

Getting a spot in Timmermann’s body isn’t a small deal. He’s made headlines all over the state and has even been mentioned on ESPN for his collection of tattoos.

The Round Lake Beach resident has spent the past 15 months collecting signatures from past and present Bear players all over his body. He then has his local tattoo artist trace over each one.

You’ll notice from his photo that he doesn’t have a lot of bare space left, but it looks as though a big “Miller Lite” logo could fit on his right pec.

Now, let’s talk about pain, endurance, and pure desire to have a tattoo that will induce shock and awe in those who see it. Of course, a penis tattoo isn’t an option for me (and yes, I mean a tattoo on the penis, not a tattoo of a penis — which also wouldn’t be an option for me), but just finding out that there are guys who have this done made me think about similarly painful places that a woman might have a tattoo — and all I have to say is, no, thanks just the same, I’ll pass. Anyway, if you want to see an example, there’s a truly incredible Dragon Penis after the break. Yes, needless to say, there’s nudity.

Guys, I can hear you making little sounds of pain, and see you crossing your legs, and I think about tattooed breasts and sympathize completely.

Exactly what sort of guy has this done? And what sort(s) of people does he sleep with? And what kind of technical details are involved when you’re tattooing a part of the body that features skin that expands and contracts?

My personal tattooing plans are getting smaller. Maybe a toe ring…

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  1. I have already expressed my dislike of tattoos so I will pass over that topic to the rather more agreeable one of breakfast.

    Readers of my blog will know that I am 1. a vegetarian and 2. a great fan of breakfast. One of the delights of the weekend is to go out for breakfast which, by the time we get there, is better called brunch.

    The traditional “full English breakfast” (fEb), prominently advertised by cafes and hotels contains items not acceptable to vegetarians, viz. bacon and sausages. Fortunately there are acceptable alternatives.

    To answer your specific question, yes, baked beans are a normal part of any decent fEb, along with mushrooms and other delicacies. What’s wrong with baked beans? Nothing. Apart from the fact that they are typically packed full of sugar (unless you breakfast in a “healthy eating” outlet). Tigger usually asks them to swap her beans for something else or gives them to me, yum yum.

    Needless to say, my enthusiasm breakfast does not extend to having it pictured by any means upon my body. The idea is perfectly described by a single word: naff.

    Email SilverTiger

  2. Tattoos are a very personal form of expression. I believe that they should signify something in your life. What kind of goal are you going to attache to getting your next tattoo?

  3. There is only one thing that is worse than being stuck with a bad tattoo for the rest of your life and that is being stuck with an English accent.

    Now that is what I call naff.

    Self Confessed Animal Lover
    (they all taste lovely)

  4. I don’t know. According to some folks I know piercings and tatoos on a woman’s breasts are not as painful as they are on a man’s. (Maybe it is that fleshy skin thing we discussed earlier.)

    As for beans for breakfast… Well the folks in the Middle East have a dish called “fool” that is made with fava beans, and they say “only an animal will eat fool for breakfast”. I have eaten all meals at all times, but I usually eat the “proper” foods at the “proper” time. Of course who hasn’t eaten cake or pie for breakfast?

  5. Tiger, I like baked beans a lot (but only if they aren’t sweet — I prefer a tangy flavor). It’s just that over here they’re most often a picnic or cookout sort of food, generally eaten with fried chicken or barbecue or something similar. In the U.S. they are never for breakfast. Actually, we don’t generally include any sort of bean with breakfast. And don’t get me started on mushrooms, which I personally consider revolting. πŸ˜‰ (You might find mushrooms in a U.S. breakfast if they were included in an omelette, but not just cooked by themselves.) Of course, if you go to a restaurant for Sunday brunch, you’re going to find an assortment of typical breakfast and lunch/dinner foods all together; lunchtime on a Sunday is the most likely time for us to mix eggs, bacon, salad, roast beef, pasta, and whatever else on our plates — at that point I’d even eat the baked beans. πŸ™‚

    Gypsy, I’ve definitely had cake and pie for breakfast. Whenever we have a cake around the house, the kids are mostly likely to go for that as their first breakfast option, if allowed.

    Tobeme, my goal will probably have something to do with fitness. I’m still deciding what’s realistic for me.

    Kinky, I’m glad you visited, even if you weren’t feeling very polite when you were here.

    Last night my husband and I were talking about the penis tattoo (he personally thinks that the piercing shown in the photo looks even more painful than the tattoo), and it occurred to us that the mighty dragon will spend most of its time looking like a little green, wrinkly puddle. And what happens when Dragon Guy turns 50 and goes in for a prostate exam? I’d love to see the expression on the doctor’s face. πŸ˜€

  6. Well, being that I am not a tattoo fan – I’ll talk about the English breakfast.

    I have spent quite some time amongst our British brethren, and I have to say – the breakfast does take some getting used to. However, when you’re a vegetarian, you sort of welcome having those baked beans and that grilled tomato with your toast and tea.

    At least he’s not getting black or blood pudding?

  7. I have tattoos and am in the process of preparing for a coverup/add-on of the one around my navel and I’m going to get a new one probably on the inside of my wrist. Then I’m completely done inking.

    As for beans for breakfast, i’m English and that’s something I do often. On occassion, I mix scrambled eggs in them and get to grubbing…lol!

    I’m the kind of person who can eat anything for breakfast; food is food. Who declared that it was improper to have breakfast for dinner? Or cake for breakfast? Poop on that philosphy!!!

  8. aside from the beans What is the dark glop on the plate?

  9. Hmm… Not sure about the dark glop. I’ve been assuming that it’s some sort of sauce for the meat. It might be a bit of blood (black) pudding.

    Blu or Tiger, can you Brits identify it for us Yanks?

  10. I have the most pained feeling in my lower abdomen at the moment… I’m not sure I can find the right words to express it. That picture is… simply “not right.”

    Oh, and the tattoo picture looks bad too! πŸ˜€ – Tim

  11. πŸ˜€

    This discussion has caused me to go looking for descriptions of what is “normal” for breakfast in other countries. Reading about rice, miso soup, grilled fish, fermented soybeans, and pickled vegetables for breakfast in Japan is an excellent reminder that my favorite breakfast from Waffle Steak — scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and a waffle with lots of syrup (favorite, but not common — probably about once a month) might cause someone on the other side of the world to roll their eyes at what these ridiculous Americans consider edible. πŸ™‚

  12. OK Tiffany I’ve gotten over myself and apologize for my unnecessarily brusque comments.

    As far as the breakfast goes the brown stuff is most likely HP sauce which is a popular sauce alongside ‘dead horse’ or tomato sauce (ketchup).

    When I was in Japan I found the breakfast there the hardest thing to get used to. I wasn’t used to eating fish and miso soup so early in the morning.

    Here in Australia the standard brekkie is Vegemite on Toast. Vegemite is similar to English Marmite which is a thick yeast like spread. It is a very acquired taste. Have yet to see someone with a Vegemite tattoo tho’…

  13. Kinky, thanks for the suggestion of HP sauce as the dark and goopy-looking item. I’ve just looked it up on Wikipedia, folks, and it sounds, um, interesting: “It has a malt vinegar base blended with fruit and spices and is usually eaten as an adjunct to hot or cold savoury food, or used as an ingredient in soups or stews.” I remember reading about Vegemite and Marmite at some point in the past, and wondering who in the world thought of such a thing and why anyone would eat it. However, lots of people drink beer, too, which is, after all, yeast-like — and which is also very much an aquired taste (that I have never acquired).

    Apparently at least one person has a Marmite tattoo, shown in the Marmite cookbook, and discussed on the company’s forum:

  14. However, lots of people drink beer, too, which is, after all, yeast-like β€” and which is also very much an aquired taste (that I have never acquired).

    So I suppose a few pints of Guinness followed by a good ol’ greasy spoon fry up with lashings of HP sauce and a few slices of toast with slathered vegemite is out of the question?

  15. Hope the guy with the penis tattoo doesn’t change his mind. Kinda ugly to remove that one. πŸ™‚

  16. Yikes! I hadn’t thought about the removal process. Lasering a penis… not a pleasant thought. (And I haven’t even got one!)

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  18. In the last couple of days, the number of people reading this entry have spiked through the roof, and I’m curious why. If you’ve come to read this post, how did you get here? Just curious. πŸ™‚

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  20. i like the design of the Dragon, but OWWW!!!! that must have hurt.

  21. WOW ! Just think !
    A Baby Green Kosher Dill Pickle!
    Stroke it a few times and it turns into a Cucumber with Wings! HA!!!!!!!!

  22. I came across your blog by doing an image search for ‘dragon mother’ on google. I want to get a tattoo so I was looking for ideas. I saw the pic of the guy and was like WTF?

  23. Hey all,
    researching for dragon tatts for my son. Bit hard to miss this pic in Google images, just had to get a closer look lol. Interesting if you have the guts to do it but all funny as the above comments have said.
    In Australia standard breakfasts isn’t Vegemite on toast anymore, healthier more fibre filled breakfasts are introduced to kids these days. As for the taste it’s salty like a beef stock cube. Vegemite against Marmite, Veg wins hands down. πŸ™‚
    HP nice hot spicy dip with steak or bacon and eggs also a good glop added to making hamburgers good to. Bon Appetite!
    P.S. Like your site good job.

  24. i was curious if any guy had tattoed his penis and also, if they did, would it have to be erect for the duration of the tattoo? so i looked it up on google images “tattooed penis” and i got to see this amazing specimen. I am actually surprised that most of these comments are saying so much about breakfast and not so many about this insane/amazing tattooed dick!!!

  25. i think teh tatoo is really cool.if u were to change your mind it would be a really long process getting it removed,but other than that,your hot!;)

  26. oooh yeah, i came across this site, and yeah, i love the color and yeah, it is very sexy to me…it is absolutely gorgeous in color….

  27. Wow. My wife does an image search for a bumper sticker she saw on the highway. She punches in:

    Dragon Bumper Sticker Ketchup

    What appears on the first page of results? An erect penis tattooed like a dragon!

    Good thing the kids weren’t around. Yikes!

  28. The story on the “puff the magic dragon” tattoo (yes that’s what he calls it) I believe that was his first tattoo anyway you can read all about it here:

    This is the tattoo artist’s site that did that little gem.

  29. Came here after Google-searching for “Vegemite tattoo.” Trying to see if anyone anywhere on the tubes has one, as I’m thinking of one myself. I’m in the States and just yesterday, at age 35-and-change, discovered it’s The World’s Most Delicious Food.

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