tattoo voodoo 2

Just the other day I talked about a tattooed penis, and now there’s news about a penis tattoo. This apparently happened last week, in Argentina:

A football fan is suing a tattooist who drew a penis on his back instead of his favourite team’s badge.

The teenager asked to have the Boca Juniors logo etched on his back.

But the tattoo artist was a supporter of rival team River Plate and decided to have some fun at his young customer’s expense.

The victim, who cannot be named, said: ‘I could not see what he was tattooing because he didn’t have a mirror. I only saw it when I got home and showed it to my parents.’

Yeah, I’ll bet mom and dad were just a bit suprised when junior came home and hiked up his shirt to show off his cool new tat. “Uh, son, that doesn’t look much like the Boca badge to me…”

A police officer involved in the case described it as “unbelievable.” You think?

I suppose this shows exactly how rabid soccer/football fans can be. It also indicates why no one — particularly someone underage — should go get a tattoo by themselves, and why you shouldn’t believe a tattoo artist who tells you he doesn’t have a mirror.

I hope they make the artist pay for a cover-up tattoo (done by someone else, of course), or laser removal of the offending, um, member.

3 responses to “tattoo voodoo 2

  1. The fact is, of course, that the tattooist betrayed his client’s trust. No matter how careful you are, this can always happen. The young are especially vulnerable because their over-confidence leads them into trouble.

    At least this betrayal wasn’t life threatening and the young man will learn a valuable lesson from it, we hope. Not that that in any way diminishes the fault: the tattooist should be banned from the profession for life (pour encourager les autres 😉 ).

    Email SilverTiger

  2. Of course, one might say that the tattooist had created everyman’s secret dream – two penises to go with his two hands…

  3. I can hear scribbling all over the country as law professors write this episode into exam questions for their course in Torts and in Remedies.

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