my son, the author

My 11-year-old son and I are big fans of the web site, and its sibling site, Personally, I don’t choose to waste my time and money on movies where my favorite characters die in the end. I’m much happier if I know in advance that, as we say in my family, “they all go to the seashore.” These sites provide the try-before-you-buy info that I want: I can find out how a movie ends, or read the entire plot, and then make an informed decision about seeing it. (Yes, I usually read the ends of books first, too.)

A few days ago my son talked his grandmother into taking him to see The Messengers — a things-that-go-boo scary movie that has gotten lousy reviews but is still eminently satisfactory for people like them who like that sort of thing. (I don’t. This is why it’s lucky that my mother and my son have such similar taste in films.) We already had determined that no spoilers were posted for the movie, because I’d been trying to find out exactly how scary it was and how much violence it included before letting him go. So, when he got home, he sat down and wrote a plot summary and emailed it off.

And what do you know? This morning, to his vast excitement, he found that he’s been published. You can find his spoiler here and here (scroll down the left and click “The Messengers”). Some day when he’s rivalling J.K. Rowling or R.L. Stein for book sales, you can say that you read his stuff way back when. 🙂

3 responses to “my son, the author

  1. Very cool to be 11 years old and be published. Could be the start of something wonderful!

  2. I’ll have to get his autograph!

  3. Wow, congrats to your son! This is the start of something big….

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