back home again, in Indiana to Indiana, my home state, where we always vote for the Republican presidential candidate, 19% of pregnant women smoke, and, apparently, a state law is required in order to stop people from shtupping the nearest livestock:

Sexual relations with animals would be a crime in Indiana under a bill designed to toughen penalties for animal abuse.

A House committee on Wednesday unanimously approved the bill, which was introduced after a man was charged with stealing a chicken and killing the animal while having sex with it in northwest Indiana. …

The provision would create a uniform standard for the state. Some cities and towns outlaw such acts, but the state does not.

“I think our constituents would be surprised to learn that bestiality is not a crime in state code,” said Rep. Eric Koch, R-Bedford.

The legislation would make sex with animals a misdemeanor in most cases but a felony if the animal “suffers extreme pain or death.”

Image from here.

5 responses to “back home again, in Indiana

  1. The good (or bad) news is that it doesn’t only happen in Indiana. It happens everywhere and no doubt has done, since the beginning of the human race. There is an episode in Apuleias’ The Golden Ass, slightly unusual in that the human partner is female.

    Not so long ago, a farmer was convicted in Britain for paying intimate attentions to an animal (I forget whether it was a sheep or a pig) and doing it so blatantly that he was spotted by the passengers in a passing train, some of whom reported him to the police.

    That is not to approve of it, of course. I am all for freedom of sexual self-expression but only between consenting parties.

    Making a law is a step in the right direction but the question is what resources, if any, will be put into enforcing it. Many times laws have been ineffectual, having been passed for the sake of appearances but not enforced.

  2. The real question, SilverTiger, is whether or not Colonel Sanders would have consented. 😀 – Tim

  3. Oh, the opportunities for completely inappropriate humor are all over this post. The mind boggles. – Tim

  4. Interesting that we can kill a chicken to eat it, however you better not &*#* it to death. What a strange world.
    I don’t support this type of behavior, however I do question if this is worthy of the law getting involved in.

  5. As a vegetarian I wouldn’t do either.

    The law is one thing and morality is another. They don’t necessarily converge.

    For me, the point is whether animals are made to suffer. If they are, then it is immaterial whether this is in the pursuit of sexual gratification or of food or of scientific experimentation. It is something I regard a wrong.

    I don’t care how people seek sexual (or other) gratification as long as any sentient partners are consenting.


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