paradise by the dashboard light into the driver’s seat, grab the gearshift, and get ready for a smooth ride with Carma Sutra: The Auto-Erotic Handbook. Here’s the publisher’s description:

Unbuckle your seatbelt for this, the first-ever manual of sex positions for in-car entertainment! Fully illustrated and packed with helpful, practical, model-specific advice, this glove-compartment-sized guide contains everything readers need to rev up their sex drive!

  • Features illustrations and advice for over 20 makes and models, from compacts and sedans to hybids and SUVs.
  • Includes two double-page gatefolds on taxi cab eroticism and limousine service.
  • Perfect for car lovers and lovers in cars alike.

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Carma Sutra’s 82 pages cover just about every conceivable concept of conceiving in a car. It covers the basics like avoiding gearshifts and seatbelts, but also goes into detail about the best (Lincoln Town Car, Volvo V70) and worst (Honda Insight, Ford GT) cars for these sorts of things. It doesn’t merely offer lists of cars, it gives detailed instructions … on what goes where with helpful, easy to follow diagrams. Some positions look fairly easy (back of a limo) but others (motorcycle seat, a Miata, the aforementioned Insight) are only for the advanced and double-jointed. … Oh, the most interesting position the book suggests? In the spacious trunk of the Ford 500.

I’m delighted that the authors are a married couple, who presumably can personally vouch for the assorted positions.

We’re thinking in terms of a smallish car for our daughter when she gets her license, so I’ll definitely want to keep this away from her and her boyfriend — I’d just as soon they were stymied by bucket seats and an intrusive gearshift, thanks. As for me, it never hurts to be prepared to deal with any and all contingencies. 🙂

One response to “paradise by the dashboard light

  1. It’s about time someone came out with this book. I remember almost kicking the windows out of a VW Bug a few times years ago, ha.

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