the man who should have been President

It was heart-wrenching to watch Al Gore on the Oscars last night. He was all the things I wish he’d been during his campaign: relaxed, funny, articulate, cool.

As he left the stage, I said aloud, “Damnit, he should have been president!” And my husband replied, “The world would be an incredibly different place.”


4 responses to “the man who should have been President

  1. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…I thank my lucky stars everyday that Al Gore did not win. We might be speaking Chinese by now.

  2. My girlfriend and I were watching increasingly at the edge of our seats, no doubt expecting it not to happen, but we let out a simultaneous “DANG!” when the music started playing. Dang, indeed.

  3. Ah, madmouser. Clearly we must agree to disagree; I’ll take the two Als (Gore or Franken — I note your negative post about him, and you perhaps saw my positive one) any day over W’s extremely scary version of the world.

    Ben, it really was too bad. He got all our hopes up. But I’ll continue to beat my drum for John and Barack, assuming all the candidates in both parties don’t kill each other in the next 10 months…

  4. We will never know how things would have been different. One never really knows. The pressures of that position can make a man do and say things that we would never expect.

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