https://i0.wp.com/www.petvets.com/img/newsletter/cat-toothbrush.jpgOK, I’ve finally discovered something that does not taste good with a chocolate flavor: that funky pasty stuff the dental hygienist uses to clean your teeth when you go to the dentist. Always before it’s been mint. This time, an indescribably awful chalky fake chocolate-y taste.

Bleeech. :-b I have to go brush my teeth!

3 responses to “ick

  1. Ew.

    I thought chocolate was bad for teeth. What kind of mixed message are they looking to send here?

    Ask them if they’ve got a Coca Cola flavor on the planning board.

  2. Chocolate nitrous is nasty too.

  3. >>a Coca Cola flavor on the planning board >>
    Hah! 😀 I wouldn’t be surprised. I hadn’t thought about the mixed messages, but you’re right — it’s strange. How about gummy-bear flavor, or maybe fruit rollups?

    Dragonwolf: chocolate nitrous?? You mean it has that scent? I’ve never been under nitrous, so I don’t know what it would smell like by default.

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