blind? want to shoot critters? no problem — in Texas is one of those things that I find so completely, overwhelmingly surreal that I don’t begin to know where to comment. I’ll just let it speak for itself. The following is excerpted from the Houston Chronicle:

Blind hunter Stanley McGowen has relied on two things to help him “see” the turkeys and deer he stalks — the eyesight of his longtime hunting partner and a scope that allows his friend to help him aim.

Now, a piece of legislation has 59-year-old McGowen excited about the prospect of “seeing” his prey better.

House Bill 308, which the House sent to the Senate on Thursday, makes hunting easier for legally blind hunters like McGowen by allowing them to use laser sight devices, which are currently forbidden for hunting in Texas.

“This is so important and I want to thank Rep. Edmund Kuempel for this,” McGowen said. “I’ve said that sometimes sighted people don’t have vision, but he’s a man of vision.”

Kuempel, R-Seguin, wrote the legislation that would allow legally blind hunters to use laser sights during hunting hours and when accompanied by a licensed hunter who is at least 13 years old and is not legally blind.

Kuempel, a game hunter for more than 50 years, said the use of laser sights means cleaner shots for blind hunters. The devices shoot a laser beam that highlights where the bullet will hit. “It’s just going to make a much cleaner harvest,” Kuempel said. “And although we have a fair amount of legally blind people hunting now, this will get more blind people back into the outdoors and that’s what I’m particularly interested in.”

Currently, there are no requirements for legally blind hunters in Texas. All they need to hunt is a valid Texas hunting license.

“It’s just going to make a much cleaner harvest…” Umm, does anyone besides me have visions of how messy the current harvest must be?

4 responses to “blind? want to shoot critters? no problem — in Texas

  1. Weepin Jesus on the cross…this is silly.
    I hate to paint texas as stupid.

    It’s a big state and that means there’d be a lot of stupid people there, but…nah…that can’t CAINT be.

    What bugs me the most is the portrayal of hunters as a bunch of blathering idiots with no common sense.

    It sounds like those blind ‘hunters’ are only concerned with killing something.

    I can see the solution:
    We let this blind guy pop off 30 rounds with his semi auto, banana clip laden AR-XX assault rifle, someone drags some road kill over to him and tell him that his rounds really ‘mashed up this deer’. How the heck is he suppossed to know??

    God knows there’s plenty of road kill in Texas.

    Yes, there are some hunters like that, but I’m not one and neither are a bunch of others. Yes, I try to kill animals every year, but I do so ethically and humanely giving animals fair chase.
    I hunt to put meat on the table and to remind myself and my family that food requires blood and sweat.
    Killing animals should not be taken lightly and if you are going to eat meat have some respect for what ever it is you eat.

    So, as I change the size of my ‘stupid’ paint brush and only paint a small ‘stupid’ swath across texas, please do the same for the hunters.

    Don’t paint us all like those referenced in the article.


  2. Evs. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has been known to issue a driver’s license to a legally blind person–who graduated from the Kentucky School for the Blind and was made to use a cane on field trips on the TARC. After that, little surprises me.

  3. Phil, thanks so much for stopping by, and for your comment. You’ve reminded me that I always need to think carefully and not lump people together. I have a relative with whom I have nothing in common, and with whom I disagree about practically everything related to life and politics; but he’s a devoted and ethical hunter who provides a large quantity of food for his immediate and extended family. I’ve learned some things from him, and it also gives us something to talk about. (Although I do wish they hadn’t put a picture of him and a dead deer on their Christmas cards.)

    Dragon: unbelievable. Or, then again, maybe not.

  4. Very interesting! I think they should allow Dick Cheany to have a laser sight as well. Wow …

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