world’s happiest Golden Retriever

Want to make your Golden Retriever happy? Take her for a ride in a convertible. Even better, take her for a ride that ends at a park where she and your Black Lab can cavort in a creek. Sure, on the way back, my son and I were in the back seat with about 120 pounds of damp dog lying on and around us; but it was all good. πŸ™‚

Photo of Lily by my daughter

6 responses to “world’s happiest Golden Retriever

  1. Golden Retrievers are the best. Years ago, whenever I still took private cello lessons, my teacher had a Golden Retriever who would just chill out during the lessons.

    I frequently got to walk him, and were I to ever decide to get a dog, it was then that I swore it would be a Golden Retriever. …Or, you know, a Siberian Husky, but still.

  2. Why is it that you can always tell when a dog is happy, but you can never really tell when a cat is happy? Purring doesn’t count – some cats almost never purr, others will if you’re holding them upside down by their tail!

    It is a great photo!

  3. That photo is wonderful!!

  4. S, I had a Golden when I was growing up who was so big that people frequently thought he was part St. Bernard. However, he was just a big, golden teddy bear. Our Golden is considerably smaller, and now that she’s almost 5 she’s mellowed into quite a teddy bear herself. πŸ™‚

    Mocha, Bruce, and Heather, I’m glad you like the photo. My daughter takes some really wonderful pictures and has an eye for the unusual.

    Regarding cats and telling whether they’re happy: My oldest cat purrs readily enough, but she does the angry-cat tail (lashing back and forth) almost all the time. It’s as if her tail is always upset about something, even when the rest of her is happy. It’s probably because we dared to bring those other cats into the house, and she has to keep reminding us about what a personal affront that was… πŸ˜€

  5. Great pic! Looks like a pro shot it.

    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll btw.

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