fun with, umm, taxidermy

OK, let me start by saying that I love cute, cuddly little animals as much as — perhaps more than — the next person, and am free and easy with my utterances of “oooohhhhhh!!” when I see a puppy, a kitten, or any other fuzzy, adorable life form.

I must also be perfectly clear and acknowledge that I used to own a python, and we fed said python live mice and rats. I could never in the world kill an animal myself, but I willingly pitched rodents into the tank for the snake to dispatch in a relatively humane manner — until I reached a point where I just didn’t feel right doing it anymore.

I now follow these two somewhat incongruous statements with a warning that there’s a photo after the break showing a gadget that manages to elicit my strongest “oooohhhh, cute!” response while at the same time arousing the discomfort that caused me to find our python a new home.

I was both fascinated and mildly repulsed by an item I saw this morning on Disinformation regarding a gadget called, suitably enough, the Mouse Mouse. Apparently, if you have some taxidermy skills and a frozen, dead mouse (which are available for sale to those too squeamish to feed their reptiles live rodents), you can make your own Mouse Mouse for use around your House (um, House).

7 responses to “fun with, umm, taxidermy

  1. I think it would take a highly skilled taxidermist as a standard computer mouse only has one ball.

  2. I share your discomfort. We treat human corpses with exaggerated respect but treat animal corpses as rubbish or playthings.

    The fact that animals I love kill other animals I love is a familiar dilemma. I don’t claim to have found and answer, just ad hoc solutions from day to day.

    (People, of course, are also animals and they forget this at their peril.)

  3. Okay, but I use a touch pad, so what’s out there for me?

  4. One word: Yeeeech!

  5. that’s creepy; very creepy.

  6. My son wants one but I told him NO!

    BTW there was hardly anyone at school today (the 24th) he said. The fullest class (with a final) only had half its students and the others had 4-6 students each. My school was about the same.

  7. Arnold: 😀

    Tiger: I’ll soon be writing a longish entry about funerals, etc., as a response to my current reading of the book “The American Way of Death.” Fascinating, our dealings with the deceased human body.

    Dragon: Maybe a snakeskin touchpad? Or one made from suitably flattened, taxidermized roadkill? 😉

    S and Blu: Yes; very creepy. More evidence that quite a few people have some strange thoughts and too much time to act on them!

    Gypsy: The school cleared out after first block; C said the line at the attendance window was about 50 kids long. All condoned by the teachers, to the dismay of the resident president of the teacher’s association, who considers it a Waste of Resources. However, we outvoted him, and C and her friends went to Denny’s and then hung out for the rest of the day. 🙂

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