pie time

Last night we went to a free sneak preview of the movie Waitress. I highly, highly recommend seeing it, if you’re lucky enough that it shows where you live; otherwise, be sure you watch it later on DVD. It’s a small, charming, quirky movie; the SRO crowd at the theater was enchanted throughout.

The lead character, Jenna (played by Keri Russell) is a “pie genius”: Throughout the film, as situations occur, she invents appropriate pies (“Falling in Love” pie; “I Don’t Want to Have Earl’s Baby” pie; etc.). When she thinks up the ingredients, you see a pie pan filmed from above, and her hands placing the fruit, or pouring the custard, or spooning the chocolate. Pies are on endless parade throughout the movie — I dare anyone to finish the film without 1) being hungry and 2) wanting to go home and bake a pie, even if you’ve never made one before.

My son really wanted to make a pie last night, but it was too late. He got up this morning raring to go (he’s now officially on summer vacation), and with some minor guidance from me on techniques, invented his own pie: homemade crust with fresh pears, peeled and cut up, plus a few sliced strawberries, covered with chocolate filling made from baking chocolate, sugar, and cream. He even made a lattice top. He’s calling it “I Shouldn’t Have to Go to School and Help Dad Clean Out His Classroom” pie. 😀


Isn’t it beautiful? What an excellent way to spend a morning with my son: conversation, food, and happiness.

One response to “pie time

  1. It looks delicious. Hmm, wonder what I can come up with that would contain cayenne.

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