where I’ll be tomorrow

https://i1.wp.com/www.rallyforreason.com/Rally_4_Reason_files/R4Rlogo.JPGTomorrow I’m planning to spend much of the day in northern Kentucky at the Rally for Reason, peacefully expressing my opinion about the opening of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, a multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art facility devoted to teaching creationism as fact and illustrating “scientifically” that the Earth is less than 5,000 years old.

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of similarly minded people will be there, listening to speakers, displaying signs, handing out literature, and making it plain to muscum visitors that not everyone believes as they do — and, in particular, that not everyone believes it’s appropriate to teach a nonscientific view of the Earth’s origin to our children.

If you agree, and you’re within driving distance, I urge you to come. If you’re too far away, please visit the resources at the rally’s website and express your support.

There are those who feel that by rallying, we only give more attention to this sadly misinformed take on history and evolution. I suggest that you read this, written by the rally’s organizer. Some excerpts:

“Answers in Genesis” has managed to get world wide press for their fantasy presentations. The “Creation Museum” is being endorsed by official convention and tourist outlets for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Governor of Kentucky has expressed support for teaching Bible stories in public schools, and Boone County, Kentucky is giving breaks on laws and taxation, denied others, to the vendors of religious dogma. The temporary President of the United States has even opined that the jury is still out on evolution.

Foolish ideas can come dressed up, just as there can be dressed up fools. And the presentations of the “Answers in Genesis” (www.AnswersInGenesis.org) outfit are well dressed indeed—yes, this is a compliment to their marketing. But such well dressed ideas can deceive many to their great cost. Just ask some Germans and Italians whether they would rather their country had not been treated to, much less accepted, the dressed up ideas of Hitler and Il Duce.

If, given all of the publicity that has been generated, nothing supporting science and evidence is offered, the impression will be given to the public, the press, and lawmakers that no one objects, and that if fancy, growling, expensive, mechanized displays of dinosaurs and humans living at the same time, and sharing “Noah’s Ark,” are presented as true, with no word to the contrary, then it must be so.

… The attitude that it is best not to give nonsense credit by opposing it can be quite dangerous. School boards and legislators might well conclude, without further information, that if scientists, teachers, and the public are not opposed to the well publicized idea of teaching Bronze Age myths as fact, then such misinformation is okay.

… And, if you think being outdoors in response to a threat to the foundations of knowledge is too much trouble, do not worry. Those who would establish a theocracy over us have promised to attack only when it is convenient for you, when it is not raining, when you can be warm, dry, safe, well fed, and have had plenty of time to engage in Liberal Angst over just what to do. Meanwhile, others will fight the American Religious Civil War and protect your freedoms for you.

4 responses to “where I’ll be tomorrow

  1. Interesting. Besides protesting, do you ever plan to go in the museum and see for yourself what it teaches and what scientific support is has?

  2. Tiffany,

    Hopefully you plan on doing an “after action” report.


  3. NewiQue, I’m still debating whether to go in. The rally organizers feel that we’ll be best informed by visiting the facility. However, I’m just not sure I can do that. I have, however, spent quite a bit of time at the museum’s web site (and that of AIG), and I have previous familiarity with this issue, so I’m well acquainted with what they’re presenting. Thanks for stopping by!

    aA, I will indeed post an “after” report.

  4. I heard about this museum last year and I was shocked. I also found it a tad humorous, particularly their dinosaur room (I’ve also visited the website).

    A fellow atheist friend of mine and myself are planning a big trip to visit it sometime after it opens. My only fear is that the staff will be responsible for making convert attempts.

    I just find it funny that things like this exist and that there are people out there that so willingly deny science, theory, and fully embrace this book as pure, rational, 100% fact. It’s so baffling that all I can really do is laugh.

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