Monthly Archives: May 2007

geeky yet cuddly

My daughter has discovered a cool site called ThreadBanger that’s all about ways to make your own fashion. (Dyeing your old jeans in espresso and then distressing them with a cheese grater — that kind of thing.) Looking around the site last night, I discovered their list of the Top 10 Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web. My daughter and I were soon oooing and ahhing and issuing those undefinable sounds that females make when they see a baby chick or a kitten.

As if the knitted memory stick cozy weren’t adorable enough,

scrolling down brought us to the crocheted Yoda hat and light saber —

and then, the piece de resistance: the knitted digestive system.

Truly, this is the kind of thing that just makes my day. 😀