I’m a bright blue dot

At church on Sunday we were checking out bumper stickers on other Unitarian Universalists’ cars, and spotted one we’d never seen before: a bright blue dot.


This is a nifty, positive approach to advertising one’s Democrat-ness in a Republican wilderness. (Sure, some of you are lucky enough to live in blue states. But some of us are fairly drowning in a conservative red tide.) The Bright Blue Dot people have stickers, hats, bibs, and t-shirts; and every month from now until the election they’re making a donation to the campaign of the Democratic contender their buyers most prefer. (Lately it’s been Obama, but with my order, I cast a vote for Edwards.)

We chose to go with a more nationally oriented message for our dots:


You can get 5 stickers for $7.50, with free shipping, and hand out dots to your friends. Very cool. I’ll be on the lookout for for dots from now on!

9 responses to “I’m a bright blue dot

  1. I’m in a blue state!

  2. I had to have a lapel pin.

  3. ChenZhen, you’re lucky! Maybe someday my state will be blue…

    Dragon, I’m glad I’ve inspired you to add to your eclectic pin assortment. 😉

  4. This is great! I’m a bright blue dot in a really red state. Only problem is, I am so outnumbered that I think the dot should be smaller. LOL.

  5. Mocha, we feel outnumbered too, but the elections are always so close any more that I’m getting hopeful that it’s closer to 50-50. And in 2008, I’m hoping to be a bright blue dot in a resoundingly blue country! 🙂

  6. I got my dot in the mail today!

  7. I’m a BRIGHT RED DOT in the big blue wasteland of CA.

    And I shine brighter every day!
    I want my state back!

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  9. Does this mean that a Republican would not be welcome in your UU Congregation? We are liberal theologically – this is our history and our promise. If we shrink to fit our deep values into one partisan box, we loose greatly.

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