grrr please remind me why I love my animals so much. This morning my assorted pets have been expensive (Myra) and disgusting (Archie — but I’m sure the dogs have been doing disgusting things, too, and I just haven’t seen them), and they have caused me worry to a greater (Myra) or lesser (Bob) extent.

Granted that I think people who don’t have pets lead boring lives, I could do with less-interesting animal companionship today.

5 responses to “grrr

  1. My house needs that sign … but we would need to buy it in volume.

  2. Hmm, my imaginary friends don’t make my life interesting? ;)=

  3. My baby (a turtle – much more exciting than one would think) may piss me off at times, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

    I guess the cute/fun things animals do outnumber the bad/disgusting, which is why we can’t live without them.

  4. My previous cat vomited a lot. The “offering” was often accompanied by a well matted hairball. There is nothing like stepping bare-foot into cold cat vomit as you get out of bed to set you up for the day. (Warm cat vomit is slightly more comfortable.)

    Even when you catch them at it there is not much you can do. If you try to slide a bowl under them they run to another place. “Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” says their expression.


    In the end you just develop your personal technique for dealing with the aftermath.

    All in all, if it’s a choice between having a cat with vomit or not having a cat at all, I choose the cat-with-vomit.

    Kitchen towels, anyone?

  5. sillylauralonglegs

    Yeah. I love my puppy too, but when I walked into the closet as I was packing for vacation and encountered poop ground into my carpeting, I was a little less enamored with her. Sparkle is her name, but her behavior is less than glittering.

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