the amazing Mr. Fix-it

About a year ago we bought a new TV. We also needed a new DVD player; but because we were spending way more than we should have on the TV, the DVD player we chose was cheap. We’ve been suffering from that decision ever since. The player skips; it locks up; it refuses to load disks unless coaxed.

Tonight, my son and I sat down to watch a movie. I put in the disk, and the panel on the front of the DVD player flashed Load, as usual — but it kept on flashing. And flashing. It’s done this before, so I tried the usual solution: I turned the player off and back on. No luck. I took out the disk and cleaned it. Nope. I opened and closed the disk tray multiple times. Nothing doing: just Load, over and over and over.

My husband came home at that point, and I told him that it looked like I’d be buying us a new DVD player tomorrow. He asked if we’d tried unplugging the player. Well, no. He did that, with no success. He fiddled around with some of the same things I’d tried. He took the player off the shelf and turned it over, searching for a reset button. (It doesn’t have one.)

Then he said the thing that I’m pretty sure would never occur to the average woman, and definitely not to me: “I’ll try banging it on the floor.”

And he did. He thumped the DVD player firmly on the carpeted floor three or four times, as our son and I watched, amazed.

Do I need to tell you that when he put it back on the shelf and inserted a DVD, it worked?

Incredible. 🙂

3 responses to “the amazing Mr. Fix-it

  1. If the problem is gradually worsening, it might be dust on the laser lens. Our DVD player — less than a year old — was doing this kind of thing and I was on the verge of replacing it. Instead I got one of those CD lens cleaner kits (a disc with a brush on one side) and used that — haven’t had a problem sense. Well, any more than usual.

  2. It’s simply part of GuyQ: the masculine equivalent of the Inter-uterine Tracking Device.

  3. I had a CD player once that, after having no luck opening it up and tinkering with it, would only load a disc if it was lifted on the front edge and dropped (roughly an inch and half). It wasn’t a perfect system…sometimes it took 3 or 4 drops to catch, but it still worked. I’ve “fixed” many things in this way. It’s not cause we’re smarter…it’s cause we’re cheaper and lazier.

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