hoping I don’t break a leg

From about the time I could talk onward, I was onstage in plays, singing, or both. All through school I was in theater, culminating my senior year in the starring role of Aldonza in Man of La Mancha. I’m sure you’ll be appropriately impressed to learn that I won the peer-given Best Actress award in the New Albany High School student theatre program in 1981. đŸ˜‰

Then — college. Graduate school. Marriage. Work. Children. I finally found time to sing again, but I missed acting. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying out for some sort of community theater. Lo and behold, a friend and former coworker sent me an email about auditions for a somewhat raunchy play that sounded like a lot of fun; I thought, what the hell, and went and read for it. And, as it turned out, sang; one of the parts involves singing, although the play isn’t a musical — the songs serve as a sort of transition between scenes.

https://i2.wp.com/www.hongkongplayers.com/images/sordid/FINAL%20FINAL%20logo.JPGEarlier this evening I was immensely excited to learn that I got the part. Y’all can now call me Bitsy Mae: leather-clad babe of ambiguous sexuality who sets the scenes for the “black comedy about white trash” otherwise known as Sordid Lives.

Oh, yeah — I also have about 6 weeks to learn enough guitar to be able to accompany myself onstage. Fortunately, a friend at church has agreed to give me a crash course in Guitar 101. I spent some time earlier this evening making my first real attempt at locating chords and acquainting myself with strings, and as I expected, my fingers now hurt and are oddly numb. (Insert some sort of line about true art requiring the performer to suffer…)

Fortunately I work well under pressure. Someone remind me of that the first week of January, when I have to know my lines and also begin to sound at least a little bit like the guitar part will be ready by the first performance on January 31!

4 responses to “hoping I don’t break a leg

  1. What’s the venue, and where can I get tickets?

  2. I did leave out some details, didn’t I? The play is being staged by the Louisville Repertory Company, which has existed in Louisville for about 15 years. The performances will be at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in the MeX Theater from January 31 – February 8 (although it isn’t yet on the Kentucky Center’s calendar). I’ll let you know when tickets go on sale.

  3. That sounds pretty fun and exciting. Congrats, for sure.

    Unfortunately, it’s not the sort of fun I could ever imagine doing in a million years.

  4. Congratulations!
    I hope you have a grand time.

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