ladies and gentlemen, John has left the building

I just read that in a couple of hours, John Edwards will announce that he’s dropping out of the race. According to the New York Times, he isn’t going to endorse Clinton or Obama.

Personally, I wish Obama would grab him as a V.P. right now, although I don’t know that Edwards would run in the second spot again.

In dropping out before Super Tuesday, Edwards does the others the favor of allowing a clear division of delegates between the two front runners. I’ve been trying to learn what happens to the delegates he already has, and I haven’t been able to find an explanation. (Anyone know?) I hope that the formerly Edwards voters will swing to Obama; I know I will although, given that we don’t vote until May (*snort*, *fume*), it isn’t like my vote is going to matter.

I think Edwards would have made a great president; it just wasn’t meant to be.

7 responses to “ladies and gentlemen, John has left the building

  1. I wish he would have waited for the remaining 46 states to have our say… You’re right– he would have made a great President.

  2. Edwards could keep his delegates, which sometimes happens, or he could ask them to vote for one of the other people instead — in essence, handing his delegates over to Clinton or Obama.

    This looks like a good run-down on the Democratic delegate process:

  3. I believe that Thud is correct. My opinion is that in the interest of party unity, whoever Edwards endorses should be on the receiving end of those delegates. But, what little I know about the delegate process also tells me that it may not matter…that the DNC could render the delegates unimportant and not allow them to push for Edwards or anyone else if they so choose.

    It’s a screwy system.

  4. Thanks, Thud! That’s a great article; I’m also glad to learn more about what the heck superdelegates are all about. The process seems incredibly complicated, but it’s making things more interesting this year. I’m glad the Democrats don’t use the winner-take-all approach, which doesn’t seem fair. (Kinda like the Electoral College…)

  5. Terry Balderson

    John Edwards has suspended his campaign, so he still controls his delegates… see:

  6. On NPR I heard that the Edwards candidates are now free agents. It’s odd that the news sources are reporting different information.

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